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[Review] Burberry Beauty Products

Monday 25 February 2013

Attended Burberry Beauty's event very long ago.
Suddenly remember that I haven't gotten the review post up.
BUT realized that the photos aren't on my desktop!
Usually I keep photos on my desktop so I know which has yet been blogged.
Then... I realized it was a draft that I forgot to schedule/publish!


1. Burberry Body Milk
2. Burberry Body EDP
3. Burberry Lip Velvet

Now, ready for some review? :)

1. Burberry Body Milk
It has the same scent as the perfume.
But I think it's slightly more concentrated.
It would be good if you apply a layer of normal body lotion,
then apply a little of this lotion for the scent.
I love how it absorbs really quickly, is moisturizing and non-greasy!
It's scent is really long lasting too :)

2. Burberry Body EDP
I think it has a classy smell.
Not really sure of how to categorize it.
It is soft, fresh and not too sweet.
The impression it gave me was elegance :)
Not too overpowering.

3. Burberry Lip Velvet in Pink Rose
It's meant to be a long lasting lipstick and it really is!
Also, it is really pigmented (I only swipe it lightly on my hand and it's so pigmented already).
The lipstick is smooth to apply and it's not too creamy or drying :)
Love how it has Burberry's signature pattern on it too!
Plus the cap is magnetic! A really interesting and good product I would say :)


That's all for my review! Hope they are useful to all of you.
Btw, you can always head down to Burberry's counters to try out their products ;)
Burberry Beauty, TANGS Beauty at TANGS Orchard L1
Love the wide variety of products they have there!
You will definitely be able to choose the best color that suits you :)