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Suki Sushi with Sisters

Wednesday 6 February 2013

Had Suki Sushi buffet with sisters sometime back.

Food! :)

Sis at work! Ordering what she felt was nice (cause she ate here before).

Photo with youngest sis.

The hot water tap is... not hot at all!
That day I was there it was warm/tap water only.
My sis said there was once she was there with her friends and the water was cold!
Nonetheless, just be careful when you are getting water there.
You will never know when it decides to get hot =P

Hot green tea as usual.

I will be randomly talking about some of the food we had.

Sister love their salmon. She spammed like two sets of that?
But I didn't like the taste of the salmon sashimi. Just thought it tasted different.
Maybe my mouth just didn't want to have salmon that day =P

I tried the salmon sashimi at Itacho Sushi @ Orchard Ion and like them a lot though.

Their scallop and jellyfish were not bad :)

Sister love this. But it's super oily!

This was ok too. I mean what can go wrong with takoyaki?

Don't bother ordering their eclairs and cream puffs.
Not nice one! Sis said it used to be nice in the past.
Bleah. Had to force ourselves to finish them.

Sis who refused to take photos.

No complains for the ice cream hahas.
Was feeling full but I had two.
(Btw, I felt full after eating 3 sushi. Lousy. I know.)
My tummy always have room for desserts ;)

It was weekend student lunch special but still amounted to $30.37 per person.
Opps you can see the date. Ya my sometime back is november 2012 lols! Now you all know.

My Review:
I don't think it is worth it at all, except for people who loves their salmon (like my sis).
For $30.37, I definitely had better buffet than this before.
But buffets in general are never worth it for me. I can never eat as much as what others do!
I think even sis was a lil disappointed that their food no longer taste the same.

I would recommend going to Itacho Sushi, we spent only $25 per person there.
But be prepared for long long queues! Jasper and I queued for an hour while the rest came just in time.

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