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Los Angeles Week 1

Sunday 31 March 2013

It's the first week of school!
For Los Angeles posts, I will do weekly (Monday-Thursday) posts instead of daily.
Cause... We have school from Monday to Thursday. So there isn't much we can do!


Monday - 25 June 2012
First day of school!
Yes! My first time going to UCLA compound!
This is how we usually walk to school from our apartment :)
Going to school is easy cause it is a downslope.
So going home is an upslope!
Anyways it is about a 15mins brisk walk to school :)

In UCLA compound!
The famous Bruins Bear!

Our first meal in school, in Ackerman Building - Taco Bell
Each wrap only costs USD0.99 ;)

Having a walk around school cause we are lost and we are early lols.
Love their clean green grasses!
Btw, it's summer studies so school was rather empty.

Our first class! So cool right? They have chalk boards!
We didn't get to use it though. Everything was on PowerPoint slides :(
Btw this mod is Social Networks, SOCIOL 111.

After class is tour time! That's Powell library!
It's where we always print our stuffs :)
I really miss that place! Why can't SG schools look as pretty as theirs?!

Then it was grocery shopping time in Ralph's!
It's like our fav shopping place? We are always there one lols.
The nearest grocery store to our place.

It's dinner time!
Our first day of school "party" at our apartment! :)
Also the first party we have at our apartment, many more to come!
Cooked spaghetti, broccoli and eggs.
The two chickens were bought from Ralph's!
They have ready cooked food ;)

A group photo ;)
Our apartment is like forever the party place. Hahas.
Ours is a two room apartment while others have a one room apartment.
So we always open our place for parties since it is the most spacious :)


Tuesday - 26 June 2012

Started off the day with yummy breakfast made by the guys - Wei Da and Jasper!
I think it was Jasper's first time making pancakes and he mastered he!
Pro master chef teacher and pro student hehex.
Yummy yummy breakfast! :) Lucky us!

Wei Da is our master chef in our house together with Amelia :)
Jasper is our human alarm! Luckily got him else we forever overslept one!
I got help too okay! I help jasper charge his phone at night lols!
(That's after the Vegas trip cause he lost his charger there so we share charger)

P.S I don't like hotcakes in McDonald's one.
But I really liked the pancakes they made! :)
Think it's cause it wasn't too milky/buttery!

Our second class - Communicating Diversity in Organizations, COMM ST 142
This class is like NTU all over again!
Other than Singaporeans, it's China Chinese, like less than 5 non-Chinese.

Random photo I took hahas.
All of us where there to register and collect our welcome package.

Panda Express :)
Chinese food! Not cheap think around USD7 each!
But not bad ;) Finally having some decent chinese food.

Frozen food that sister recommended - Hungry-Man :)
We always stock this up just incase we are lazy to cook.
It's only about USD3 each.


Wednesday - 27 June 2012

In the bookstore to buy our textbook!
At the end of the trip I didn't sell the book cause I thought it was not bad a read.

Dinner that day was Thai food!
Wei da bought it back for us :)
Love the Pad Thai the most!

Our little messy but comfy house :)
That day was my turn to be stuck at that corner.
The wifi in the house was horrible.
So we needed a MacBook to connect to LAN Internet and set up hotspot.
Luckily I brought LAN cable hehe. 
But every time it's either me, jasper or wei da who is stuck there lols. 
Take turns. No choice! =P


Thursday - 28 June 2012
Time Joy and I made breakfast together! Baked pizza bread :)
But when it was cold, it was no longer nice :(

Another afternoon trip to Ralph's that day!
Told you it was like our favorite shopping place already.

When we went home we saw some set up going on.
After that then we knew it was Spiderman meet and greet session!! :(


And that's what we did on all 4 days!
Usually when it's school days, nothing much happen.
So I can combine afew days posts together as mentioned earlier.
But next day is a Friday which means it's weekend!
Time for our first road trip!!

Anyways, I strongly believe that there should be 4 days work week instead of 5! =P
I enjoyed myself so much in USA! It was so chill and stress free cause we only study 4 days a week!


  1. ur baked pizza bread look so cute!

  2. Great pictures - Looks like a really fun trip! :)

    1. Thanks! Yupps I really enjoyed the trip there. I love to travel! :)

  3. Going to a new place to study is such a great feeling! :) I'm glad to see you have fun in your new school. :D Also, the food photos you posted make me hungry! :D

    1. Yupps! :) And yeah the food are making me hungry now as well ><

  4. Cali is quite nice. Glad you enjoyed! Are you going to study there for your BA or what?

    1. Was there for summer studies. Just a short 6 weeks there. Would love to travel there again :)

  5. Thanks for sharing these cool photos :) Panda Express = Yummy! KJ

  6. I used to date someone from LA and now I feel a bit sad having looked at your pictures :( But I do remember LA being such an alive city. So full of wonderful stories. And great food! #GIG

    1. I'm so sorry to hear that. Hope time will heal everything for you and let you find your Mr.Right soon!

  7. thanks for sharing your adventures! hehe i love the photos. what camera are you using?

    - from gig

    1. Most of the time I was using Canon 450D. Some of the not-as-sharp photos are from my phone - Samsung S2 :)

  8. Great pics, enjoy this special time and be safe! GiGer
    Living F.A.B.ulously on Purpose

    1. Thanks! So sad I'm back in Singapore already though.

  9. nice univ. makes me wanna go to univ again. miss that time. but ur univ is awesome

  10. you are making me hungry :P


    1. You can go make yourself some pancakes and bread pizzas too ;)

  11. aww this reminds me my times in medical school awwwwwwwww miss my university friends! enjoyyy the time just goes to fast!
    nice post!!
    big hugs <3

    1. Thanks babe! And yea. The 6 weeks there indeed passed by very quickly :(

  12. oh this makes me dream...I want to go to LA asap.
    GIG love

    1. Yupps! Find time to go there! It's a nice place :)

  13. Great post, love the pics!!! xoxo Nat :) GIG love