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[Recipe] Nutella Popsicles

Tuesday 12 March 2013

Hello all!
Was very busy with the IT show the past few days.
Thus... I ran out of scheduled posts :( As I haven't been writing.
Just as I planned to write more posts, I fell sick.
Doctor says it's either food poisoning or infectious gastric flu.
Been sleeping a lot lately thanks to all the medicines.


Anyways here is a cute recipe I found online.
I'm not allowed to take chocolates now (it is a dairy product... how am I gonna survive right?)
So... I can only try this out after I recover.
BUT all you peeps can try it out first! It's super easy!

image and details from kidspot

1. Gather all your ingredients
1 cup full cream milk
1/3 cup Nutella

2. Using a blender (or manually),
mix the ingredients together

3. Pour the ingredients into
your popsicle mould

4. Freeze and serve


Simple and easy! That's all for this post!
Now I'm off to rest again :(
Have to recover asap so I can go back to work!

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