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[Tutorial] Facial Highlights

Tuesday 5 March 2013

The crazy amount of things I use each time I put on makeup lols!
Anyways ended up not using the falsies cause I didn't have enough time.

Step 1:
Did my primer, foundation, eyeshadows, mascara and everything.
Considered light makeup? Only used nude colors for my eyes :)
Mascara used was Rimmel Volume Mascara Flash that I received in my Sept'12 Vanity Trove :)

Step 2:
Did my cheeks.
Used the Princess Pinki cheek tint/gel from my Sept'12 Vanity Trove!

Hint: Don't underestimate the power of the clear gel. 
It becomes really really red after applying on your cheeks!
I only used a pea size amount and I found it too red already.

The star of the day
- what we will be using as the highlighter -
Skin 79 Diamond Pearl Luminous BB Cream

Step 3:
Apply it on the higher parts of both your cheeks and also on your nose.
This will make your cheeks and nose look higher and more dimensional ;)

Step 4:
Blend the products with your fingers/sponge!
My nose looks sharper right? :) Hehex.

That's all! Actually only two steps for the highlighter ;)
Super easy and I think anyone can do it by themselves!
Btw, since I used 3 products from my past Vanity Troves,
I decided to upload the photo onto instagram and joined their contest!
Hopefully I win something ;)