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Saturday 27 April 2013

Looking for a home tutor?
Why not consider hometuitionjob.sg? :)

It's very common now for students to have a home tutor cause:
1. They need their PSLE tuition, O levels tuition, etc
2. Parents can still monitor them

If you want to find a tutor, it is important you get a good one!
Maybe someone who stays near you (so you dont have to worry about that person coming late),
or someone who has good qualifications/experience (so you know your kids are in good hands)?

And... with the help of improved technologies and most people being IT savvy,
you can now find tutor online!

Let them know where you stay and what kind of tutor you are looking for,
then hometuitionjob.sg will help you match a tutor for you!

They have lots of tutors for you to choose from :)
Plus the website is very easy to navigate!

You can also take a look at their rate guide too!
This way you can find a tutor who fits your budget ;)


For those looking for a job, 
if you think you can teach well,
why not try giving home tuition?

I have to say home tuition is the best job ever hahas.
1. The pay per hour is really good.
2. You get a sense of achievement when your students do well
BUT of course you have to teach the student well too!

You can always study and give part time home tuition.
I've got a couple of friends who are home tutors :)
And it's really nice seeing how you can help someone improve their studies!
I taught my sis for her O levels as well.
There is really a sense of achievement when you see them improve!

Let hometuitionjob.sg know where you stay and what you teach,
then they will match tutees for you! :)
Now you no longer need to search high and low for a tutee ;)


For those who are looking for tutors/who wants to be a tutor and yet don't stay in Singapore,
it's okay cause you can always check out hometuitionjob.com and hometuitionjob.in :)

All the best in finding your ideal tutor/in becoming a tutor!

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