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So Little Money, So Much to Buy! 2013

Friday 19 April 2013

Each year I give you one list? Hahas.


Here is the 2012 list :)
1. Chanel Double C Swarovski embedded Necklace!
This is carried forward to my 2013 list :(

2. Urban Decay Naked and Naked2!
My lovely hall friends got me Naked2 palette as my 21st bday present!
Really love the color on the palette! They are my go-to-eyeshadows!
Don't think I am getting the Naked palette cause it is just as huge.

3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon Tate in Quartz Grey!
Figured out that it is not nice lols! Fickle minded much.

4. Sigma Make Me Blush Brush Kit (Coral)
Bought a Chanel Travel Brush Kit instead ;)

5. Shiseido Maquillage Edge Free Eyelash Curler
Daddy bought one for me! :) He didn't willing buy though hahas.
We were out shopping at OG and I just added it into the basket =P


Of course I am forever shopping.
But these are what I currently want!

image from engadget
Panasonic Lumix GF6 (White)
A semi-pro camera WITH A FLIP SCREEN!
I have DSLRs at home. But they are really too bulky and ugly :(
I almost died using my sis's 60D to do my youtube video cause she didn't buy the video card or smth.
So I had to keep stopping and recording and stopping and recording -.-
Had no choice but to use that DSLR cause it's clearer and it has a flip screen!
This pretty little lumix GF6 will help me solve all my problems!

image from Sephora USA
NARS And God Created The Woman Set
Got lots of makeup and I don’t put on makeup every day.
Yet I still keep buying makeup products. Crazy. I know right. Hahas.
I like nude/neutral color (brown/black) eyeshadows cause I don’t like having too much color on my eyes.
Love shopping on USA Sephora! It’s so much cheaper than SG price =P
Their “What’s New” and “Sales” sections are always tempting me to shop hahas!

Those who are interested, you can always join the forever on-going sprees at
They are always having USA Sephora sprees. Yes non-stop.
They take orders whenever they have USD$200 order.

Quote “katelynheartsprees” to get a 15% off
all Sephora USA orders with allthingsspree.blogspot.com
Valid from now till Monday, 21st April 2013, 11.59pm!
All payment must be made before that deadline!

image from google images
Chanel Necklace
The one thing that has been on my want list for don’t know how long.
Still can’t justify buying something that is so ex,
yet it’s neither silver, white gold nor does it have diamonds.
*Still hesitating* #it-has-been-almost-a-year


Conclusion: Time to start saving money so I can buy all these =P


  1. i really loved the "NARS".
    Can anyone suggest me some popular online stores form where can get the NARS set?

    1. Hi Mary,

      Try: http://e-coupons.sg/
      u'll also find some cool discount offers there.