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Las Vegas Day 2 and 3

Tuesday 28 May 2013

Our complimentary breakfast in the hotel!
After lunch was outlet shopping time!
There are two outlets near Fremont, Las Vegas ;)
But we went back to the one we went on Vegas Day 1.
Cause... we couldn't finish shopping the whole mall in that few hours we had the previous day =P

Happy girls with our Godiva dark chocolate milkshakes!
Dark Chocolate Decadence - $6 each.
Also, difference between pro and newbie photographer!
Kuan Yee help me take till so nice but the photo I help her take was mehhh :(

This is what 4 girls + 1 guy can do ;)
Actually that guy (Wei Da) didn't even shop much!
But what he bought was the most expensive!
For us it is quantity while for him it is quality hahahas.

We drove back to our hotel, parked our car there,
then went to take our complimentary shuttle bus to the heliport.

Time for a helicopter ride! :)
Took a piper warrior in Singapore before,
but this is my first time on a helicopter!

The 9 of us who chose to take this helicopter ride.
The rest went for a land tour instead.
I can't remember how much exactly did we pay for it, I think it was about USD179.
I did the very "smart" thing of factory resetting my S2 and iPad2
without saving the documents in my computer.
So... I lost the files where I typed my daily expenditure -.-

Papillon Grand Canyon Heliport
1265 Airport Rd
Boulder City, NV, United States
+1 702-736-7243

Here was how we split into two groups:
Amelia, Colin, Jasper and I - White Helicopter
Kuan Yee, Zhi Wei, Joy, Carine, Wei Da - Red Helicopter

Up in they sky!
The whole ride was slightly more than an hour long!
I have to admit. Half way through the ride, I got a lil bored :(
The rest said they almost fell asleep too!
Those who are planning on taking a helicopter ride, I will suggest you take their landing rides.
They have rides that fly to Grand Canyon and land there!
Yes it is more expensive but definitely more worth it.
It takes a few hours for a bus to reach there. So it's more time-saving to travel by air.

More photo in the sky and photos of grand canyon :)
And... we found the other group's helicopter!
Okays. Not really we find one. The pilot told us =P

Landing time!

Photo with the helicopter! :)
The pilots were really nice. They helped us take these group photos.

We did buy the pre-flight photo from them too. USD20.
Thanks to Amelia for this photo!
I forgot to take photos of this in the states.
Amelia brought this photo back to SG. So had to trouble her to help me take pics of it.
Our horribly messy hair LOL. It was mad windy!

One last photo with the pilot.
Then it was a 30minutes long bus ride back to Vegas.

Back to Fremont!
We rest for awhile, changed and headed out!
Reason why we changed is cause we wanted to meet Yusho at the club.
But... end up the girls pulled out. Cause most of them only brought shorts there.
So in the end, only Jasper went to find Yusho.
We went to pick him up after that though :)

Fountains of Bellagio!
I heard it's a very popular fountain show in Vegas?
It's very cool and nice indeed =P

Here is a video I recorded :)
Quite blur though. Cause it was recorded using my phone.

Ended the day with dinner at Outback Steakhouse.
We came here cause we heard this place was not bad?
But end up the guys were complaining that the steaks were badly done.
Luckily I only had caesar salad =P
Was feeling very full that day.
The thing is, when I travel, I can don't eat one.
No idea why, but I just have no appetite when I am out. I rather go walk around.
When I am at home, I can eat a lot lols.

First we had Mcdonald's breakfast.
Cause the rest weren't ready yet, so I went to the souvenir shop to get some keychains :)

After we checked out, we headed to the South Las Vegas Premium Outlets!
That outlet doesn't really have much outlets there though.
A lot lesser compared to the one in the North.

Next we drove to the same pit stop - Tanger Outlets, Barstow.

All of the above, I didn't take any photos.
I don't really take photos in premium outlets.
Too busy shopping there =P

And we headed back to Los Angeles!

There was this point where our car couldn't go more than 50miles/hour too.
Suddenly the air pressure got high and I could feel a lil ear block.
Sandra and Dan were sleeping, Joy and I were like "how come it won't go more than 50miles/hour?!"
Then we decided to slow down a lil, then try to increase speed a lil, then slow down a lil,
and the car went back to normal. Phew.

One of the cars in our group had issues while coming back too!
Theirs got too hot and it broke down. They had to stop and let it cool down then drive back slowly.
Luckily everyone managed to get back safely.

That's all for our Vegas Road Trip! :)

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