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[Review] Superberry Edition Vanity Trove

Wednesday 8 May 2013

My Superberry Edition Vanity Trove!
Okays this is a long over due post :(
I was mad happy when I received this together with my April Vanity Trove.
Double surprises instead of one! :)

1. $10 Voucher
The best thing about this?
No minimum spending required! :)
I received it in mid march. So I had two weeks to use it :)

2. Denman Comb
A cute mini comb!

3. Storyderm Cavia Silk Mask
I haven't tried this mask though.

4. Sassi Top Coat
A nice top coat! Plus it is made in USA!
I love everything that is related to USA ;)

5. Ghassan Masque
Haven't used this too.
It is a hair mask!

6. Sassi Nail Buffer
Something that I haven't use in a long long time!
It is always good to have a nail buffer!
I need to flatten out my nails a lil. They are getting uneven surfaces :(

7. Femme Science Hydrating Face Cleanser
It doesn't really foam up and doesn't have any fragrance.
So I guess it is suitable for sensitive skin?

8. Margherita Ghel Bellis Fabula Foaming Cleanser
Another cleanser which has no fragrance.


That's all for my reviews.
Not fully a review though cause most of the products I've yet tried.
I have to say, I have heard about none of the above brands before.
So it's lots of new brands for me to try out.
If you want to have such beauty surprises and get to try new brands,
you can give Vanity Trove a try ;)

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