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Bangkok Day 1

Tuesday 30 July 2013

We entered the waiting/shops area early and had a quick bite,
cause by the time we reach BKK and settle down it would be around 9pm.

A movie theatre that we passed by!
Never knew Changi Airport waiting area had a movie theatre.
Can't choose your movie though.
You can only watch whatever they are showing.

We visited the Butterfly Park!
Okays I've never toured the waiting area of Changi Airport terminals before.
Usually when I board a flight, I enter 45mins before flight time and go straight to the gate.
I'm not someone who will go to the terminal early and tour the place.

Random photos inside :)
This were all taken before our flight.
By then, I already had 50+ photos inside my camera. Lols.

Flew to BKK through flyscoot.
Departure fare was SGD50, Return fare was SGD160.
We travelled light (only handcarry) so no check-in luggage needed for the departure.
For our return flight, we had a 15kg check-in (shared amongst the 4 of us).
Total was about SGD296 per pax (inclusive of fees and taxes)

Anyways I did a blog post about flying with no check-in baggages
Do check it out if you are planning on traveling light ;) 

On the plane! Btw the isle of flyscoot is rather narrow.
I have this impression that it is more narrow compared to normal planes I took. No idea why.
Anyways, look at the pretty fluffy clouds! Sadly we didn't have window seats :(

Reached BKK!
They have this Parking area at their exits, where ever there is a toilet nearby.
A place for people to park their baggages?

First thing to do was to...  GET DATA CARDS!
I cannot survive without data plan =P
Anyways, I did homework and found that dtac has 299bhat sim cards.
Unlimited data for 1 week, with 100bhat credit in the card. I think it's a very good deal :)
Shared this on my BKK tips blogpost before ;)
It's super easy to locate them. They have the longest queue!

Our first cab ride in BKK!
The cab ride from Suvarnabhumi International Airport to Baiyoke Sky Hotel was about 300bhat.
Always make sure that you get cabs that are metered! More tips here :)

Our hotel room! Baiyoke Sky Hotel Junior Suite!
We paid for Superior room but they ran out of those rooms.
So they upgraded us to Junior Suites for free :)
The room was HUGE! Hahas.

Baiyoke Sky Hotel
222 Ratchaprarop Rd., Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400 Thailand
4 nights ~ SDG820 for 4 people (two rooms)

The view from the room! :)
Baiyoke Sky Hotel is like a BKK attraction on it's own.
Cause people do pay to go up their observatory tower!
People who stay in the hotel can go up for free though :)
But I have to say, they don't really check if you have the room key.
If you mingle with a group and go up together, no one will know.
I'm not saying that you should try though.

Hungry people need to eat!
Took a cab out and wanted to eat at Roast.
We planned to go there on another day.
But Kai Ru say that they open till 11pm.
So we could go there and eat after we land in BKK.
But end up they take last orders at 9.30pm.
So... end up I didn't get to eat there at all.
Cause we never did go back.

Those who want to visit Roast Cafe, here are the details.

Roast Coffee & Eatery
SeenSpace Thonglor 13, Bangkok, Thailand 10110

We randomly ate at a jap restaurant there.
I had Ochazuke Sake (Rice with tea and salmon flakes)
It was yummy! Super easy to make too that's why so cheap.
Basically it's just rice with green tea, furikake seasoning and salmon flakes hahas.
I love furikake seasoning. So any rice with that can never go wrong =P

Chanced upon Mr.Jones :)

We had to enter and take photos with the pretty cakes!
Also, we bought cakes as our breakfast for the next day :)
Cakes are about 100bhat each.
Alicia and I bought a Banana Chocolate Cake to share.
Cause both of us don't eat much for breakfast =P

Mr. Jones' Orphanage
251/1 Thonglor Soi 13 | G Floor, Seen Space, Bangkok, Thailand

After that we cab back to our hotel.
It was metered and cost only 70bhat!
When we went there, we took a flat rate cab and it was 200bhat!
So... remember to take only metered cabs in BKK!

That's all for Day 1.
More interesting things and a yummy food recommendation will be up soon in the Day 2 blogpost!
Keep a lookout for it ;)

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