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[Review] NCLA Santa Monica Shore Thing

Tuesday 16 July 2013

Here to share a nail polish brand with all of you today!

It's NCLA, a Los Angeles Nail Lacquer and Nail Wraps brand!

Beauty. Fashion. California.
NCLA creates luxury nail products by effortlessly combining the love for everything fashion and beauty. The results are exceptional visuals and superlative products they unconditionally believe in.

The complete line of luxury nail lacquers is a ‘5 Free’ range of haute couture for your nails. NCLA proudly makes all their products without any harmful toxins and do not test on animals. Ever. The formula is California styled and 5 Free guaranteed!

 All nail lacquer collections are entirely unique, high-fashion head turners.
 All our colors are ‘5 Free’ (no toxins such as DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Camphor and not tested on animals.)
 The luxurious NCLA formula is high shine, quick dry and chip resistant.
 The Dupont flat brush allows for an easy, perfectly smooth application.
 Combined with Gloss It Base and Flawless Top Coat, it delivers a chip-free manicure.
 The color range is a constant evolution, expansion, revolution. NCLA sets the trend!

The patent pending nail wrap designs are runway inspired, very easy to apply and extremely long lasting. As an added bonus they actually help to protect your nail beds. And all you need to apply is clear coat. Done.

 Ultra thin and extremely long lasting.
 Very easy to apply, without any heat source.
 Runway inspired designs that dress up any look.
 Superior quality and patent pending technology.

Live NCLA. Every day.
(above from NatureLova)

The reason why I love this brand?
Cause they remind me of USA!
1. Products are made in USA
2. Designed and crafted in South California
3. The names are related to LA

Every single bit of the nail lacquer reminds me of USA! I miss Los Angeles so much!
I really wish I can go back there again! Any travel sponsorships? Lols.

Anyways back to the nail polishes =P

If you are looking for NCLA nail polishes, I would recommend you go to NatureLova
because... they have the lastest collection (June 2013 collection) there!
Here is a 10% discount off NCLA products for all of you :) 
Just key in "NCLA10" upon check out ;)


Time for a NCLA Nail Lacquer review?

The shade I picked was Santa Monica Shore Thing
I picked this because it reminds me of LA,
we went to Santa Monica for a couple of times when we were in LA!
And also because I love this shade!
P.S It's one of NLCA's best selling shade!

The color is not really mint green (photo of the bottle above), sadly.
It's similar to the background splash color in the photo above!
I was looking for a mint green color!
Nonetheless, when taken under strong lightings, it does look closer to mint green color.
And also it appears mint green/tiffany blue in photos. No idea why.

A very unique light green color.
Sort of reminds me of seaweed ;)

A normal brush, slightly more than 1/3 the size of a nail.

Color is more true to this photo.
Here's how it looks like with one coat (left) and two coats (right) on.
The nail polish is really thick and smooth.
It goes on really easily and dries quite quickly :)
Gives a really nice coverage with two coats on.

Conclusion: Will definitely get more of NCLA Nail Polishes!

Totally agree with this! Since I can't go to LA immediately, I shall use their Nail Lacquers!
Btw, they are famous for their pretty Nail Wraps too! Remember to checkout the SG shop here ;)
Get 10% off NCLA products by entering "NCLA10" upon checkout.

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