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K-Palette Sweet as Chocolate Bloggers Event

Tuesday 13 August 2013

Attended K-Palette's Sweet as Chocolate Event at Blisshouse.

Blisshouse's pretty interior :)

Photo with pretty and friendly Relle :)
And I look so tan! OMG! I need to either go into hiding or spam sunblock already lols.

Some food and drinks for all the bloggers :)

Blisshouse is known to have pretty decos! :)

K-Palette product display that day.

Venue set up ;)

Wore contacts to the event that day.
First time wearing contacts for 8hours+ and my eyes got super dry :(
Didn't take much photos that day.
Ohhh and I had no time to put on false lashes that day :(
I need longer eye lashes!!!

There was a contest going on that day :)

While the contestants were putting on makeup for their models, we had a little contest too!
We had to put on makeup for the piece of paper!
I cannot freaking draw the eyebrows lols! Hahahahas. I'm not artistic at all :(

Then there were 3 demos done by Ms Aya Umehara.


1. Sexy Look
Here they made use of brown+khaki color eyeshadows.

Tips: For sexy eye look, when using your eye liners,
instead of connecting your top and bottom eye line,
have two separate lines (as shown above).


2. Kawaii Look
(which means cute look)
Here they made use of brown+pink color eyeshadows.
Sry that last photo was the only photo of the final look that I managed to take.


3. Kirei Look
(which means beautiful look)
Here they made use of brown+brown color eyeshadows.
I think. I can't really remember what colors they used for this.


Products received that day!
Got my favorite concealor just in time hahas.
Was running out of it already.
You can find my review/tutorial here ;)
As for the rest of the products, I will be doing another review post.

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