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Bangkok Day 4

Monday 2 September 2013

Morning breakfast we bought the day before at Terminal 21 :)

Pratunam Morning Market. Right outside our hotel, convenience much.
Not sure what time they open.
At about 7am, we peeped from our window and the stalls were already there.
We went down at 8am and most stalls were packing and closing by 9am.
Sadly, we didn't shop finish all the stalls before they closed :(
We were in a rush too cause we had to meet Kai Ru and Arvin at 9am.
We thought the Sunday stalls will be the same so we can come back the next day.
Who knows... it was completely different the next day!

530bhat for all these! Happy max! Only about 21SGD :)

Chatuchak Weekend Market!
They have lots of cheap pouches there :)

Tip: Walk to the deeper ends for cheaper stuffs!
The stuffs sold along the outer perimeter are slightly more ex.
Some of the shops at the deeper ends were ex too.
So well, it's really hard to say too.

Ohh! And we met Singapore's Minister of Transport there! Hahas.
The four of us saw him and we were like "Is it him? Look like lehh"
Then he approached us and asked if we were Singaporeans hahahas.
Guess he is used to such things happening.
He's really nice. Knew we were searching for N95 masks too and intro-ed his friend to us :)

His friend was super helpful and friendly too.
When we met him to collect the mask, he taught us lots of BKK tips :)
Some of which I've included in my BKK tips blog post.

We were walking around the place trying to find our dear coconut icecream.
Couldn't find it around the area but keep seeing people hold those coconut bowls!
End up they were along the food stretch which was super deep inside the market.
Complete opposite ends from where we came from I think.

The famous coconut icecream.
Alicia cannot take lactose. So she had to give this a miss :(
Arvin and I went for second serving though.
So nice and cooling! Super suited for this warm weather!

Photo on the left was my first serving.
Photo on the right was my second serving.
I was bloated after having 2 coconut ice cream and 2 cups of coconut juice. #fatdieme
The coconut juice was complimentary. It's so nice and sweet!
I'm not a fan of coconuts. I only eat coconut jelly/drink the juice and give the coconut to my family lols.

Kai Ru bought some fresh mango while Alicia bought a mango drink.
BKK's mangoes are super sweet!

We had nothing on our itinerary to follow already. So we headed to Lumpini park.

Took the swan boat ride.
When we were peddling halfway, we got stucked!
No idea what happened and Alicia and I panicked.
Then we spammed peddle and finally we started moving again *phew*
Then we met Kai Ru and Arvin again and they said they saw a cobra!
We were like OMG! Then after awhile they saw we were near the sprinklers,
and they started trying to push us into the sprinklers -.-
Look at how happy Kai Ru was hahahas.
Alicia and I were panicking and spamming the pedals.

It was time to go and park and return the boat.
Suddenly Kai Ru and Arvin say they saw the Cobra in the water again, near us!
We were like "where where", worrying that it will pop up beside us.
Then we faster pedal to park. End up it wasn't a cobra. It was a monitor lizard.
It was coming out of the waters. Still scary though.

Had nothing to do so we went to Siam Paragon.
Had Mcdonald's. Still bloated.
I basically wasted my drink and fries.
Only managed to finish the small little burger I ordered.

Atas cars in the building! We were wondering how those cars got there.
It's not even the basement or something. It was the upper levels!

There isn't anything to shop at Siam Center! All super atas one :(
So we headed back to our hotel to chill cause Arvin wasn't feeling well.

Buys from Chatuchak Weekend Market.
We didn't really shop much there cause we got lost.
Walk to random places, saw lots of room decos and fairylights that tempted me to buy them.
And we also saw cute puppies! Really tiny puppies. I think they were just born.
They aren't even supposed to be there. What if they still have weak immune? :(

Look at the traffic in BKK!
We were walking toward Pantip Plaza.

Dinner and A&W!
Alicia and I couldn't finish our waffle.
Super full. Still bloated from my coconut overload.
Lesson learnt - don't spam too much coconut hahahas!

That's the end of Day 4.
Next will be Day 5, our last day in BKK for this trip!
Find out what epic thing happened to us in that post ;)


  1. Hello! I love how detailed your posts are. I am actually planning for a Thailand trip for next year and therefore, I would like to ask roughly how much did you spent in total? Thanks!

    ps: do check out my new blog (just created). And youre awesome:)


    1. Hi Jonas, thanks for the compliments! :)
      Hmmm I spent SG$400+ on flight and hotel. Then I spent about 9000bhat there. I didn't shop much though.
      Nice blog you have there! I would love to travel to Australia someday too!

    2. I see i see. Alright thanks! And yes you should, it is super peaceful and slow paced, good for relieving stress!