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Bangkok Day 5

Saturday 14 September 2013

Woke up early in the morning to shop Pratunam Market.
Sadly, their Sunday stalls were horrible.
Can't find much that we like. I only bought one top.
The girls didn't even buy anything I think.
Their Saturday stalls were much much better!

Breakfast for our last day in BKK!
All bought from the Family Mart at the lobby of our hotel :)
The rice was not bad. The meat (that comes with the rice) and the takoyaki were weird hahas.
Love the Tao Kae Noi. Oh and they had Taecyeon on it =P
Kai Ru bought 6 packets (220bhat = SGD8) back to SG :)

Crepe time again!
They had good reviews online. But I think it's so-so only.
Think cause we had cold crepes instead of crispy ones!
And... it's better to share! We all couldn't finish one by ourselves!

Penn Crepe @ Platinum Mall B1

Alicia's hand carry back. Filled with 2 boxes of N95 masks and all our snacks :)

I ended up coming back to SG without hand-carry LOL!
My 7.5kg luggage was check-in with Alicia's.
And all my snacks were in Alicia's handcarry :)

We headed to the airport at 12nn after checking out of the hotel.
Our flight is at 8pm! They gave us an option to leave our stuffs with them while we shop.
But Kai Ru and Arvin suggested we go to the airport straight.

Reached the airport. Had like 4hours before the check-in time! :(
We sat down at some random spot and everyone started using their phones.
Slacked there for an hour plus then we went to walk around.

After that Kai Ru said there is a massage shop in the airport.
Then she and Arvin decided to go and try.
Alicia and I didn't like massages. So we didn't join them.
And basically, we didn't have anything to do!
Totally regretted not leaving our stuffs at the hotel and go shopping.


When Kai Ru and Arvin were done, we still had about 1 hr to go.
Arvin and Kai Ru were feeling very cold and suggested going somewhere with hot soup.


So we settled to have soups in a restaurant called Fortune Corner.
Alicia and I shared Kimchi soup :) The soup was really spicy!
I don't think Kimchi was supposed to be that spicy?
When I asked them what time is the flight, I think Kai Ru replied should be 8.30pm.
Then all of us assumed that it is 8.30pm.

Finally it was time to check-in!
Girl here happily took photo of the ticket then kept it in her bag, not checking the flight time.
No one else checked too and we all assumed that it is 8.30pm.
To our horror, it is 8.05pm and no one knew!

Still can happily go Mango Tree (at area B) and have our last thai meal in BKK for the trip.
Anyways this shop's pad thai is the worst. No idea why some sites recommended it online.
It's so bland! Not even Aloy Thai standard! We had to add our own sauces for flavor.
Left the place at 7.30pm thinking that we have 1hr to walk to the gate.

Kai Ru and Arvin went to get ice cream, while Alicia and I were playing with the trolleys.
Then we went to the restroom thinking that we still have 45mins.
When we came out of the restroom, Kai Ru saw the board and say our flight had the Last Call sign!
Luckily Kai Ru checked the board! We heard the PA system saying something about last call
but it was in Thai and we don't understand at all!

Then we started running with our trolleys from area D to E which was very far apart!
Alicia and Kai Ru were running without trolley while Arvin and I were pushing the trolleys.
OMG really can die pushing the trolley and trying to squeeze your way through the crowd!

Then we reached the escalator where no trolleys are allowed.
Alicia and Kai Ru disappeared. Arvin and I had to carry all the bags!
It was worst for Arvin cause their bags were 5kg each!
Alicia and I only had a hand carry and our personal bags.
I ran down before Arvin and this person approached me and ask if we were flying to SG.
I was like "yes" and he said "come follow me".
Then we ran down all the slopes and stairs and finally reached the gate!
Then Alicia and Kai Ru came and get the bags from us lols.
They totally forgot they had bags hahahahas. Epic trip!

We board the plane at 8pm and didn't cause any delays. Thank god.
Imagine if we miss our flight, the next flight will be the next day at 8.05pm.
And I will miss my first day of special term in school hahahas.
Yes I have school the next day.

That's all for the BKK trip! It was really an experience hahas.

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