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Beauty Destination by L’Oreal Paris - Les Petite Dresses for your nails

Tuesday 1 October 2013

Here's post #2 for Beauty Destination! :)
For those who don't know, Beauty Destination is a new and exciting website by L’OrĂ©al Paris!
It is a one stop site for makeup tips and tricks!
You can read post #1 and learn how to UPsize your Eyes here!
P.S I will be sharing my makeup and beauty secrets on that website too ;)

This month, you’ll learn all about how you can Dress up your own nails to match different outfits!
The beauty topic of the month-Les Petite Dresses for your nails!

So I attended the second L’Oreal workshop which was all about nails :)
At this workshop we had a chance to learn from The School of Make-Up!

The nail polishes above are all from L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Nail Vernis series.
Here are some of its advantages:

1. A total of 30 shades!
Which is why the title above is Les Petite Dresses for your nails.
One shade per day and you can dress up your nails to match different outfit :)

2. Built-in top coat with 10 days of wear!
So you won't have to worry about waiting for your nails to dry,
apply top coat and wait for it to dry again.

3. unique patented brush!
It is a flat rounded brush for easy application and a stem specially designed
for the product to adhere to the centre of the brush to deliver just the right dose of product.
Each stroke applies a smooth and even layer all over the nail!

All the hardworking ambassadors at work ;)

A demo being done on Jessica's nail :)
You can find tutorials for these two nail art designs here :)

Yingjie and my nail polish combined :)

A simple 3 step nail art I did at the event venue :)
The nail polishes were super easy to use!
Normally I will dirty mess up my fingers by painting out of the nails.
But with their special brush, I didn't paint out of the nails at all!
(at least for the base coat)

A photo with Eileen and Yingjie :)

Now are you ready for another nail look that I
did using Color Riche Nail Polish?

Want a tutorial for this nail look?
Leave a comment below! :)

What’s more, participate in the Color Riche Le Vernis Contest
and stand to win Personal Advanced Make-up & Grooming course
by The School of Makeup worth $500.
1 Lucky voter will win a Personal Make-up course worth $280!
Submission ends 11th October and voting ends 15th October.
Hurry and join now ;)

Color Riche Nail Polish is available at $8.90 exclusive to Watsons only.

Hope you enjoyed the short 3 step tutorial!
P.S Photo filtered hahahas.
Good luck :)

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