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My Week in Photos

Monday 7 October 2013

Well... I only have 3 instagram photos to share this week hahas.
Haven't been really active on instagram and it's also mainly cause I caught a flu last week!
It was so horrible that I slept more than 15hours per day lols.
12 hours sleep, 3 hours nap. Like a piggie =X
Last week was my recess week. I was supposed to study and catch up with all my lectures.
But... I ended up sleeping, sleeping and sleeping.


Attended DRx luncheon!
It was held at Hilton Hotel and we had atas italian food =P
Really enjoyed catching up with everyone at the event.
All thanks to Chester for organizing the event! :)


Went to Carlo Rino Fall/Winter Showcase!
Yingjie brought me as her +1 :) Thanks girl!
And... I fell in love with the studded beanie bag!
Both the black one and red one looks so pretty!
Practicing self control now cause I know I rarely carry a backpack.
But it's really pretty! Ahhhh!
They call it the gg bag cause it is kpop inspired and I think they are collaborating with SNSD.


Managed to study a lil and listen to a few e-lects.
Still got lots to catch! Better start mugging soon!
Lots of quizzes up next few weeks, must finish catching up for all my mods!
So I might not be blogging as frequently.
Maybe only 1 - 2 post per week for the whole of October.


Ended of the week with Bobbi Brown Holiday 2013 Collection Preview!
It was sort of like a runway show.
The models are like all 40+ and they all look so young with Bobbi Brown makeup on!
Photo taken with Jocelyn on the red carpet :)
Brought her to the event as my +1.


That all for the week. Monday to Wednesday was very much spent sleeping.
Will be blogging about the above 3 events separately!
Keep a look out for those blog posts k? ;)

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