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[Review] Make Up For Ever Holiday 2013 Collection + Smoky Extravagant Mascara

Wednesday 13 November 2013

 Here is Make Up For Ever Holiday 2013 Collection Review!
Followed by Smokey Extravagant Mascara Review ;)
This post is supposed to come after the Pro Finish post.
But since this is limited edition, I want you all to have a glance at it first.
So you all can rush to the shop to get them tomorrow if you are keen ;)
The Make Up For Ever Holiday 2013 collection will be launched on 14th November!

Make Up For Ever Holiday 2013 Collection
is all about Glamour, Shimmer and Shine!

- from press release -
This festive new collection is inspired by the elegance and mystery of Venetian balls, where women would wear eye masks so they could carouse without being recognized. These exceptional masks, embellished with lace and sparkling stones, are worn to hide their wearer’s identity while enhancing her beauty.

Sensual and luminescent, the Midnight Glow collection lights up the holidays with products that create a dreamily romantic style. These 100% exclusive products offer a completely fresh approach: designed specially for the occasion, they celebrate the mystery of femininity in crystal-clear, iridescent textures with the subtle glint of gemstones. Breaking away from the traditional Christmas colors, the collection mixes Gun Metal and Gold Pink, the two iconic shades of the look, with Snow White, Metallic Taupe, Midnight Purple, and Icy Blue.


First up would be the star product for the Midnight Glow series:
Midnight Glow Eyeshadow Palette
Retail Price: SGD75

This palette comes together with 2 small brushes made of synthetic fibers.
One (the left) is designed for precise application of eye color on the eyelids.
And the other (the right) is used to create a gradient or emphasize the crease.

Here are the swatches for for the palette!
Left to Right:
Snow White, Gun Metal, Icy Blue, Icy Pink,
Black, Gold Pink, Midnight Purple and Metallic Taupe
The above swatches are all done using 1-2 swipes.
All colors in this palette are limited editions, except Black and Metallic Taupe.

My review:
All the shades in this palette are really pretty.
The glitter shades are all quite sheer and comes with very fine glitters
so these shades can actually be use as everyday eyeshadows too!
I'm not a fan of huge striking glitters and I prefer such fine glitter eyeshadows.
Those glitter shades may seem a lil rough when I first swatched them on my fingers.
However, when I blend it into my arm, it became really smooth and blends easily.

Here is a tutorial that came with the eyeshadow palette!


Next up would be:
Midnight Glow Aqua Rouge
Waterproof Liquid Lip Color
Retail Price: SGD40

- from Press Release -
This look has another delicious surprise in store: a "diamond" effect that adds a new twist to Aqua Rouge for even brighter lips. This iconic waterproof lipstick, known for its long-wearing results and comfortable application, now comes in a new, natural Satin Pink tone paired with a transparent, pearlescent top coat.

Here's how the aqua rouge looked like on my lips.
1. I applied a concealor to wash out my natural lip color
2. I applied the color side of aqua rouge
3. I applied the "diamond" top coat

My Review:
The texture and pigmentation of this aqua rouge is awesome and it does not dry out the lips!
My lips were very dry before I tested this product and the product was able to cover all the cracks.
Also, the glitters are rather subtle. So from far it looks like your lips are glossy, bright and shiny.
I love how this product comes with a matte part and a glossy part.
So I can actually choose and decide the type of finish I want on my lips.
The only downside is that you have to leave it awhile to "dry". Before it dries, it has a sticky texture. But once it is no longer sticky, I tried washing it with water and it would not budge at all!
And do remember to not apply too thick a layer else it might feel a lil clumpy.


Here is the review for:
Smoky Extravagant Mascara
Retail Price: SGD44

- from Press Release - 
After Smoky Lash, the brand’s iconic extra-black volumizing mascara, MAKE UP FOR EVER launches Smoky Extravagant - a mascara that combines a high-performance, long-lasting formula whose optimal design ensures an impeccable result right from the first application. Created in a rich black hue, this new eye make-up tool fits all of Dany Sanz’s demanding quality standards:

1. Dramatic impact: an ideal, non-sticky consistency with no clumping thanks to an exclusive complex that combines a wetting agent and a blend of waxes (Beeswax, Candelilla, Carnauba). The result is a wonderful sensation that glides smoothly onto the lashes. From afar, the look is strong and dramatic, with spectacular effects in curl, length and volume.

2. Graphic precision: a texture that coast the lashes one by one from the base to the tip, providing elasticity and flexibility for infinite length and lash care protection. The secret? Special polymers and D-Panthenol mixed with Bio-extender, a red seaweed extract that is rich in minerals (magnesium, calcium, manganese and zinc) that strengthens the lashes and improves flexibility and lengthening capacity. Upon close-up, it displays awesome definition. Lashes are flawlessly separated with professional precision. An exemplary clump-free mascara; this is the signature expert perfection of MAKE UP FOR EVER.

The latest addition to the SMOKY franchise, a select line of state-of-the-art mascaras loved by women and make-up artists alike, Smoky Extravagant’s ergonomic design ensures that lashes are treated with comfort and precision, making it ideal for professionals, who have to work fast and effectively, as well as for women looking for a high-flying mascara that is easy to apply.

So the purpose of this product is mainly to give the user defined and visible lashes.
It does make your lashes slightly longer too ;)

Here are the 6 methods of using the mascara!

What I did:
1. Curl my lashes
2. Open the mascara and dap it on a piece of tissue
3. Apply it on my top lashes using technique 2 and bottom lashes using technique 6.
P.S I only applied a coat to get this effect.

My Review:
The mascara is really thick! I feel that it does clump up a lil. But I have no issues with that.
I love how this mascara was able to lengthen my lashes and define it with just one coat!
Just imagine the outcome if I apply a few coats! ;)
Also, the mascara has a great brush. Notice that my inner lashes had mascara on as well?
I could apply the mascara easily with no issues at all. :)
Showed my mummy my eyes and she was like "you put on fake eyelashes ah?" :)
P.S My lashes are thicker at the ends so it looked slightly more clumpy there.


That's for for this review!

The above stated products are available at:
Sephora Bugis+
Sephora Great World City
Sephora ION Orchard
Sephora JEM
Sephora Marina Bay Sands
Sephora Plaza Singapura
Sephora Suntec Sephora VivoCity

Midnight Glow collection will be launched on 14th November.
Do note that the Midnight Glow collection is limited edition!
So if you are interested in getting them, do get them asap tomorrow :)

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