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[Review] EM Cosmetics Creamy Color Matte Lipstick and Waterliner

Thursday 23 January 2014

My EM Cosmetics products.
It's by Michelle Phan!
Been wanting to try their products and finally got my hands on them!
Got a lipstick and a waterliner.

Lip Gallery Creamy Color Matte Lipstick
Shade: Cuddling

The full amount of product.

Color true to this photo (the one right above this sentence).
The shade they showed online was actually lighter.
Anyways I preferred this color more so all's good hahas =P
The lipstick is creamy, smooth, easy to apply and not drying to the lips.
I think the lasting power is decent but I have to reapply after after meals.
Anyways lipsticks in general don't last long on my lips.
Swatch at the end of this post!

Shade: Chocolate Dream

I needed a brown eyeliner so I decided to try theirs!

That's the full amount, not a lot considering the price.

The eyeliner is smooth and easy to apply.
The color grabs on well on the water line too!
Usually colors don't really stay on the waterline so that's definitely a plus point.
It comes with a smudger and sharpener at the end.
I don't think there is a need to sharpen actually unless you need a super thin line.
Cause the product itself isn't thick at all.
Swatch below!

Left to right:
Creamy Matte Lipstick (Cuddling),
Waterliner (Chocolate Dream) un-smudged,
Waterliner (Chocolate Dream) smudged.

I washed my arm and rubbed it really hard under running water (as you can see my arm turned red).
Even after doing so, the color still won't go away fully and you can still see it's defined outline.
I would say that's not bad cause you won't rub your eyes that hard anyways.

That's all for this review!
Hope it's useful for those who are planning to get their products :)
They still don't ship it to Singapore though.
I ordered it through a friend :)


  1. Wow you bought them? They ship internationally?

    1. Yupps I bought them and nopes they still don't ship internationally yet.