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My Month In Photos (Apr 2014)

Saturday 3 May 2014

It's May! Time for My MIP for the month of April! :)


Wednesday, 2nd April 2014
My USA Haul! I don't normally take pics of what I buy.
If it's beauty product, you will only see them when I review (if I have the time).
But I was on Dayre that day when the package arrived so I decided to post a pic of it.

Haven't been posting my IPSY bags. But here's one for March!
I'm thinking if I should continue subscribing. I have a lil too much stuffs at home now :/


Friday, 4th April 2014
Attended Chacott's opening at Mandarin Gallery with Yingjie!
They have lots of pretty ballet stuffs! Sadly I don't know ballet.
Always loved their skirts, especially when it is black with pink and purl stripe hahas.
Pink is my favorite color! Purp + Pink just happens to go well together =P

Some goodies from Chacott Freed's opening :)
Chacott Freed is a brand under Beautydirect!

After the event we went to Eighteen Chefs at Cineleisure for dinner :)
That was all for the day! Wanted to go to Scape to shop but the shops were closed by then.


Saturday, 5th April 2014
TaoBao Haul. Yes two hauls in a month. Told you I've shopped quite a bit in March :/
Anyways (I hope) I will control my shopping after this!


Wednesday, 9th April 2014

Pretty flowers everywhere!
I finally found time to go to Pasir Ris park but it rained on the 8th!
Ended up going to the park on 9th and erms...
There wasn't much flowers left! Oh wells it happens every year.
P.S I really wanna go to Japan to see real sakuras!


Wednesday, 16th April 2014
Attended BellaBox Event!
Yingjie brought me to the event as her +1 :)
Lots of awesome brands at the event!
Dr.Jart+, Nuxe, Jacqueline Burchell, Loreal, Covermark, Hicjuice.
Tried a couple of stuffs there. Will be writing about the event in a separate post!
Will also be reviewing some of the products I received! ;)


Tuesday, 22nd April 2014

Studying alone. Study buddy wasn't free to study that day.
We met up the next day to study together though :)
This is my current life. Study, study and keep studying!
Not exactly true since I keep getting distracted. But oh wells.
If I'm not distracted, you all won't see this post too =P


Thursday, 24th April 2014
Checkout my blogpost. P.S I got a giveaway there ;)
Have you joined the giveaway yet? Else faster go and join now!


Beauty Product of the Month
- Innisfree Creamy Tint Lip Mousse in Shade 3 -
Got my fav innisfree product this month so I decided to share :)
It's their new Creamy Tint Lip Mousse! It comes in 7 pretty shades!
Gonna review it on my blog when I have the time.

Decided to get it after watching Pony's videos! Pony's videos keep tempting me to buy stuffs!
I'm eyeing Innisfree Long Wear BB Cushion and Etude House's Play 101 Pencils.
Both of which have yet been launched!


Music of the Month
-Hide and Seek by Jason Chen-

I didn't used to have music of the month in my past posts.
Decided to add to this post cause I realized that if I really like a song,
I can keep it on my replay list for very very very long =P

I like both the original acoustic and the one that features the Amy and Ellen!
Actually I like the song because of the version that featured Amy and Ellen =P Love the harmony!


Anyways, as mentioned earlier, I shopped quite abit in April.
So... you all can except another haul post in May!
USA Haul and TaoBao Haul again! This time more clothings! #onlineshoppingkills LOL

Okays that's all for this post!
I caught a cold and it's exam period now :( Shall go and sleep first.
Bye byes! Cyas in the next post ;)

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