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My Month In Photos (June 2014)

Friday 11 July 2014

June was a busy busy week!
I started of June by going to the gym, Amore Fitness.
More in this blog post ;)


Tuesday, 3rd June 2014

It was a pampering day!
LED teeth whitening followed by hair appointment and a ride home from daddy :)

LED teeth whitening at Lush Aesthetics
Blogpost here: Lush Aesthetics teeth whitening review

Visited Pro Trim for my second hair appointment :)
Blogpost here: My Hair Journey with Pro Trim Hair Salon #4


Thursday, 5th June 2014

Started Gyming at Amore Fitness Tampines (just for two weeks).
Thoughout this post you will see a number of days where I went for classes.
But I shall have a summary here!

Photos taken at the Tampines outlet.

Guys and ladies have different locker area and the locker area.
The locker area is connected to the changing area, washroom and steam room.
So basically you can walk around barefooted :/

They have lots of lockers for you to use but you will have to bring your own locks.
Also, they have vanity tables and one dryer on each table!
They also provide tissue, cotton pads, and cotton swabs.
As mentioned earlier, Tampines outlet is larger hence more vanity tables.
From what I observed, other outlets (plaza sing, jurong point and woodlands) only has one I think :/
P.S the place looks rather empty cause I always visit on weekdays at around 3pm hahas.

Treadmill! Run and watch personal taste =P
I've watched it before already and it's not my favorite Lee Min Ho drama.
But... at least something to keep me entertained while I run ;)
Within 2 weeks, my stamina improved but still not as good as before hahahas.
P.S I think Tampines outlet has the most treadmills too.
At least twice the number compared to Jurong Point outlet!

I love their steam room! It's clean and can have up to 2-3 people in the room I guess?
I usually make it a point to use the steam room for 15mins after gyming :)

All outlets will provide you with a body towel and a face towel.
Their shower cubicles has shower gel and shampoo too.
Also, all outlets have water coolers!
So basically you only need to bring: a bottle, a lock and clothes to change :)
Super convenient right?

I joined a couple of classes and my fav has got to be Zumba and Kickboxing!
Shy girl here though. So I will only attend class only if Jocelyn joins me hahas.
But I've seen many who attend classes alone and you can always make friends there ;)

Anyways, I ended up not signing up cause it's a lil too pricey for me :(
$500+ for 3 months for a student is super ex!
They do have student prices but it's only for students age 21 and below.
I'm a student but above 21 so no discounts for me :/
I really like the place a lot though. Hesitated a lot cause I am really tempted to sign!
But if I sign, it would mean that I have lesser money to spend shopping :(

Within these two weeks, I visited 4 different Amore Fitness Outlets:
Tampines One, Plaza Singapura, Jurong Point, and Woodlands Civic Centre.
Whenever I go to gym, it's always for the treadmills, steam room and/or classes!
My favorite outlet has got to be the one at Tampines One as it was the largest!
That outlet is very spacious and they even have a swimming pool.
Also, the treadmills at Tampines One are placed infront of the full length windows.
The ones at Jurong Point are placed in front of mirror and I felt weird looking at myself run hahas.


Friday, 6th June 2014

3hrs of gym classes with Jocelyn!
This girl is trying to kill me hahahas.
Prior to this, I haven't exercised for months.
She was like "your shoe new one ah?"
And I'm like "Sort of? Bought on CNY eve but this is my 3rd time wearing."

Anyways we were at the Plaza Singapura outlet.
Kick box, ultimate interval, stretch fit
I like the kick box class but not so much of interval stretching though.
The ultimate interval was super tiring and as for the stretch fit, I simply ain't flexible enough lols.
Not bad an experience though! It was fun!
I was laughing non-stop with Jocelyn cause there are times where the two of us will cheat =P

The only photo taken that day cause Jocelyn and I forgot to take photos together!
Love having direct bus home :)


Saturday, 7th June 2014

Taobao stuffs arrived!
I've already done up a haul post on my blog!
Blogpost here: Shopping at 65daigou


Tuesday, 9th June 2014

Went to school to meet my FYP examiner as he wanted to show me the NTU's new server!
I haven't handled server related stuff cause another guy in my group does that.
But it was nice meeting the prof though. Learnt a couple of new stuffs that day :)
At least now I know how a database and server is set up :/
Before that all I knew was how to upload things onto the database and server lols.
He's really nice and sent me some confidential documents which I cannot share with others.
Cause if I share it with a pro, he/she can actually try to hack the server LOL.
I guess he can see that I don't know much so he trust me with it? =P

After that I met Jocelyn at Jurong Point for gym!
Amore Fitness outlets are indeed at really strategic locations hahahas!

Initially we wanted to go for an earlier class.
But I reached late cause I talked to my examiner for quite awhile and ended up leaving school late.
We ended up going for a run on the treadmills and attend a later kickboxing class :)


Wednesday, 11th June 2014

Attended Beauty by Nature event with Jocelyn, Yingjie and Theresa.
Blogpost here: Beauty by Nature 4th Store Opening

The event was as Causeway point which was right opposite Woodlands Civic Centre!
So when Jocelyn and I decided to attend the event, we decided to go to gym for Zumba too :)
Luckily we were able to go for the class as I had been wanting to try Zumba!
The gym pass was for two weeks and I was only free that week to go to that class.
So if I miss it, that's it. Unless I decide to sign up for another few months of gym.
And I only join class if I have a friend accompanying me hahas.
Else I could have gone to the classes at Tampines :(

Photo with Jocelyn before the class.
We've gymed together a couple of times but we always forget to get photos together hahas.

Group photo at the end of class!
Was supposed to meet my midvale housemates for late dinner after I end class.
But they were meeting in Holland V and after considering the traveling time,
by the time I reached there it would have already been 11+pm!


Thursday, 12th  June 2014

Started the day accompanying daddy to the eye care center for some eye checkup.

Then we roamed around Chinatown area and had yummy popiah!
Had wanted to gym at plaza sing before meeting felicia.
But ended up spending the day at chinatown and had to rush over to plaza sing after reaching home:/
The worst part, I saw my direct bus to orchard zoom past right in front of me.
Was too engrossed with whatsapp. The punishment was another 20mins wait :(

Met up with felicia for dinner at Just Acia!
Used to visit Just Acia with my friends when we were in secondary school!
The price is affordable and there is free flow ice cream and drinks hahas.
I haven't been there for years though. Totally forgot about it :/
We came here this time cause I was craving for Kimchi Tofu Soup.
Was searching for it on openrice or hungrygowhere and came across the shop's review!

My kimchi tofu soup! :)

After dinner we shopped around.
Plaza Singapura's new extension is like heaven hahahas.
On one side there's Sephora, and on another it's Innisfree! ♥

Birthday cake from sweet fel :)


Saturday, 14th June 2014

Attended Talika's event at their newly revamped counter.
Will be blogging soon ;)


Sunday, 15th June 2014

Fathers' Day gathering at maternal grandparents' place!
Another day of non-stop eating :/

Magnum ice cream!
Was working on my MUFE iloveAQUAsg blogpost.

Followed by popiah,

followed by yummy dinner which we forgot to take photos of hahas,

and cake!


Monday, 16th June 2014

Spent the day sister-sitting and gyming.
Had to look after my sis cause grandparents went to Taiwan with my aunt.
Only sis and I were at home.
I came to gym while she went to school.
Btw, that was my last gym session.
Pass expires on thursday and I didn't have time to go :(

Red face after a run hahahas.
Spot my hot pink lock =P

Shopping at New Look after gym (after bathing of course)!
Ended up only getting the pink one cause I don't like the sleeves of the white one.
I liked both prints though :/


Tuesday, 17th June 2014

Xinci was back from Korea!
Had a lunch with her.
So easy to meet people staying in the east hahahas!

Had a set meal at Kim Gary.
And caught X-men with Xinci and her friends (cat and rongqi) after lunch :)

Birthday pressie from Korea!
Gonna try it soon :)


Wednesday, 18th June 2014

Family day cause daddy and mummy don't have to work that day!
Went to Changi City Point to shop,

went to the beach for a short while cause daddy needed to go to the gents lols,

went to bugis to shop and ate non-stop at Albert Centre!

Dinner at Astons! The queue was mad but thankfully it moved rather quickly.
Queued for less than 30mins? Sis insisted on having astons -.-

Gelato ice cream to end the day!
Baileys chocolate and I cannot rmb the other flavor :/ Stm.


Saturday, 21st June 2014

Started the day by going to the post office to collect my mail.

Then I realized that they built a stairway from level 1 to 3!
It's a shorter distance to climb up than to take escalator so I climbed all the way up -.-

That night, Grandparents came back from Taiwan too!

My favorite! Yam cakes!


Tuesday, 24th June 2014

K session at Teoheng with Xinci :)
Study buddy turned k buddy hahahas.
The two of us always pick random days to sing k for 3 hours.
Ample singing since there's only two of us.
Sang almost all the chinese and english songs we knew/like so we decided to hop to Korean songs.
Xinci's super fast at reading korean characters so she can sing almost any korean song.
On the other hand, I can't read a thing lols.
Haven't really memorized the korean consonants and vowels then.
Now I can though! But really slowly hahas.
So yeah I could only sing those korean songs that I memorized :/


Thursday, 26th June 2014

My Sephora stuffs arrived at my sis's place in Vegas!
I think I have to stop shopping on USA sites soon :/
Out of 4 websites, 3 made me call them for verification.
So yes I had to stay up past midnight to call them!
One company doesn't accept Singapore billing addresses.
The other two accept Singapore billing address but don't have that option -.-
In the past when we were in US, we would just use the mailing address as shipping address.
But seems like lately they got rather strict? :(
Being strict is good, it means that it is safer but... it made it harder for me to shop!
Can they have a Singapore billing address option soon?


Saturday, 28th June 2014

Attended CLIV Sasa event at JP!
Will be blogging soon too :)


Beauty Product of the Month
- Innisfree Long Wear BB Cushion -

Favorite product this month!
I've yet to try the Laneige one but this gives a really nice finish.
But I have to say... that nice finish doesn't last long :/
Not sure if my face is too oily or SG weather is too humid.
It tends to get a lil blotchy throughout the day.
BUT after touching up, it's as good as new ;)


Music of the Month
- I Knew You Were The One by Tiffany Alvord -

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