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VanityTrove Website

Friday 4 July 2014

I know I've been reviewing quite a number of VanityTrove boxes...
but I haven't really introduced the website to all of you right?

VanityTrove is a beauty platform where over 60,000 women in South East Asia interact with fellow beauty enthusiasts to read and share about the latest beauty products that we’re all raving about.


At VanityTrove, you will get your own beauty profile. It's something like Facebook but it's mainly for sharing beauty and fashion related stuffs :)

On top of that, you will also have your own Vanity Regime page where you can create a list of the items that you are currently using - Makeup, Skincare, Hair, Fragrance.
You can follow me here: @tanhuiping :)

VanityTrove has their own online shopping page too!

You can order their special sales troves there.
P.S sometimes they do have good deals there.
There was once I got 3 skinc hand lotions at a discounted price ;)

Not interested in those special sales troves? Fret not. Have a personalize trove instead!
Fill up your VanityTrove with self-picked beauty goodies and
have it delivered right to your doorstep within 7 working days.

Want to try a new product but no idea what is the current top product?
VanityTrove is here to rescue you ;)
They've got a page with the top 20 liked and wished products!

You can also check out the top product for each specific brand.


So hurry, head over to VanityTrove
and create your own account now :)

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