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My Month In Photos (July 2014)

Tuesday 5 August 2014

This month my MIP for July is early cause...
July was a rather slack month for me hahahas.
I caught a flu in June and it got rather bad in July so I basically stayed at home for 1 full week :/


Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Went to buy graduation gown with Xinci and Marcel!

Lunched at Ramen Kagetsu Arashi at Tampines One before getting the gowns!
P.S I didn't really like their soup base :/ Xinci didn't really like it too.
It just has a weird taste lingering in the mouth :/
Okays, I didn't buy since I have one more semester but I tagged along for fun lols.
Got too bored at home! June was so busy and July was too chill :/


Friday, 11th July 2014

A cheque from Nuffnang!

Here's to more shopping hahahas.
Actually it can only cover my shopping for this month.
I have to say I over shopped a lil when I caught a flu :/


Sunday, 13th July 2014

Sister is back from USA!
No more cui photos! I GOT MY LUMIX GF6 BACK!
And she only took 94 photos in USA -.-

Anyways, all the goodies from USA just for me.
Some paid by her, some paid by myself.
I did give her money to spend there though :/
So basically I paid for everything.
But it's the thoughts that count la!
And she brought back every single thing for me.

It wasn't easy for her to bring back everything lols.
She came back with 3 luggages, 2 handcarry and 1 backpack.
One of the luggages checked in under a friend who had only one luggage.
Another handcarry checked in under a friend who had no hand carries.
Conclusion: She shopped the most lols.
She's lucky her friends didn't shop much though cause Korean Air's excess baggage price is crazy!
It costs like $200 to upgrade to 2x32kg luggages. I only paid $100 on Emirates -.-

And here's the rides home. Have to blame daddy for that.
His car boot is like his second storage space -.-
All the pails, car washing solutions, extra shoes, all there!
We could only place a large luggage behind.
Told mummy that either of us go will be fine.
But she wanted to go and she keep insisting that I go too -.-
Not like it would make a diff though. Still have to sit like that lols.


Tuesday, 15th July 2014

Quick review and facial at IDS Clinic!

All the IDS products I have now :)
Did a skin update post too!
IDS Clinic Products and Skin Update


Friday, 18th July 2014

Catch up with the easties over dinner at Sukiya followed by desserts at Working Title.

All of us missed USA a lot! Lets all go back for roadtrips 5 years later hahahas.
Random but I was telling Xinci how fair I looked in the photos lols.
I think hiding at home for a week made me fairer.
Guess every single bit of USA tan is gone :/


Saturday, 19th July 2014

No surprises, it's a Saturday and my taobao loots arrived hahas.

Didn't really buy much? Mainly random stuffs?


Thursday, 24th July 2014

Went to Bugis with Yingjie!

Lunch at Bonchon chicken with her.
The chicken wing sauce is nice, chicken wings are crispy.
But... servings smaller than 4fingers!
Their 4 piece wings is actually 2 whole chicken wings cut up :/
And the ramen was... normal?
Both of us didn't even finish the ramen :/

Then we went to sing K. BED ROOM!
Now that I know a bit of korean, I tried searching for the songs that I wanted but...
still cannot find LOL!

Thanks to this girl, I got my limited edition pink 3CE lippies!!!
She followed a tour group to Korea and she used her free and easy time to go to Stylenanda!
It was so rush she didn't even managed to get anything from Stylenanda :/
Paiseh ahh but prep your shopping list, I get them for you in winter! ;)

Hmm and I signed up for 2014 Standard Chartered half marathon lols.
We shall see how it goes hahahahas :/


Friday, 25th July 2014

Orchard shopping day with my study-turned-shopping buddy! =P
More of window shopping though (must practice self control).

 We had crepes from First Love Patisserie at ION basement.
YUMMY MAX! But sugar overload lols.
I preferred the chocolate one while xinci preferred the original one.

Came home to these lovely brushes from Make Up For Ever!
As usual, I will do up a review post at a later date.
Btw they are sooooo soft and smooth to touch!
No idea what is the first brush but it reminds me of my Sigma F82 Round Kabuki,
just that this one from MUFE is way softer!


Beauty Product of the Month
- Moroccanoil Treatment -

Well beauty product includes haircare right? :)
Product from Pro Trim @313!
I mentioned it in my 4th Pro Trim post too.
Actually I didn't love it only this month.
Been using it for quite some time and find that it's really good!
Been using it once every two-three days now :)


Music of the Month
- We Will get There by Stephanie Sun -

I know it's not national day yet but I heard this on TV and got ear bugged lols.
It's one of my favorite NDP songs!
This was the theme song when I was in Primary 5.
Attended the NE show so I can remember ;)
And yes if you go and calculate, you will know how old I am :/

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