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Los Angeles Week 4 Part 2

Friday 12 September 2014

I am back with part 2 of the post!
This part consist of mainly Hollywood related stuffs!


Friday - 20 July 2012

Universal Studios Hollywood (USH)!
We went to the one in Florida already but the rest wanted to come here so we tagged along.
Photo from my camera which was surprisingly rather clear hahas.
Following photos from my DSLR!

Universal Studios Hollywood
100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, CA 91608, United States

Photo spams before we even entered the park hahas.

Random photos in USH.

New York!
This street looks like the street that leads to the new world trade center!
I can't be sure though :/ Their streets all look the same.
And this photo doesn't show them building the world trade center too. Hmm...

Queueing for the Simpsons ride!

The view from above! You can see this view while queuing for the ride ;)

Only Amelia was ready for the photo hahahas.
The rest of us were looking elsewhere.
Weida, Kuan Yee and I seemed to be looking at something lols.

Time for a studio tour!

All these are fake buildings!
Looks real right?

Everything looks very real right?
They also drove us past their stages where they do their filming!
There were also flying car sets!
I would say this tour is quite an eye-opener!

Nickelodeon kids area...

The 4D Shrek animation is the same everywhere lols!
USS, USF, USH all have the exact same 4D Shrek clip.

Time for a water ride!
I don't think we got drenched though?

Hello Bumble Bee. No photos with it though.
When we saw it, it was the end of the photo session.

Transformers 3D! This was before it was even out in SG!
I don't think USF had this then. So it was our first time taking this ride in USH.
And if you are curious, yes the SG one is exactly the same hahahas.
I took the ride after it was built in USS.

A group photo with Optimus Prime :)

The waterworld show at USH!
I think it's similar to the one at USS?
Or maybe the one at USH has more effects?
The storyline seems similar but this had a plane crashing in!

This... WE GOT SCAMMED! We thought it was a ride.
A horror ride is not that scary since you can cover your ears and close your eyes right?
But it ended up being a walk! Like fright night! OMG!
Yusho left with his friends, so just 2 guys left with 4 girls.

I'm not that scared as long as nothing pops up suddenly and as long as they don't touch me.
And I hate hate hate windows! Fright night and windows are my enemies -.-
Something scary always happens at the window!
I remember for one fright night in year 1 I was told to stand beside a window alone.
I ended up covering my ears and squatting there instead of standing lols.
The "ghost" asked me to stand up but I refused hahahas.
Die also don't want to stand up cause I kept thinking that something will scare me from the window.
I think after helping plan fright night in year 2 I got a lil less scared?
But still no sudden things and the actors cannot touch me!

Back to this attraction...
It was quite epic cause Kuan Yee was very scared and she kept screaming.
Amelia was scared too and she ended up locking Jasper's hands behind his back.
So even if any scary thing pop up, Jasper won't have his hands to do anything LOL.
There was a point of time where I ended up walking infront, towards a dark place.
I have super bad night vision so I didn't see the fake screen window initially.
And when I was there, I think a friend told me to be careful?
Then suddenly the fake window lit up (fake lightning) and a black figure appeared -.-
See! WINDOWS AGAIN! Scary things always happens when there is a window...
Sorry after that I became a coward and hid behind the rest of my friends already lols.
I think after that Weida went to lead cause Jasper's hands were still locked hahahas.

Another show. I think USH is full of 3D and 4D shows.
Maybe cause it's Hollywood so they theme it all to be shows/dramas/animations related?
If I didn't remember wrongly, we were still talking about ghosts here lols.

Had a hard time taking photos along this street!
If we switch on the flash, it would be too bright.
Without the flash, it would be too dark :/

"Why are you taking so long?
We need to use the phone too!"

They have real filming stages in USH!
This was the schedule for the day!

Our red car. I have no idea why I took this photo.
I think it's cause we were all saying that we finally have a special car color?
Cause when we were renting cars there, the options were always black, white, silver, champagne.
Or was it cause our car was one of the last few left in the carpark?
I really can't remember :/

Anyways, cheesecake factory for dinner! :)


Saturday - 21 July 2012

Parking fine in the morning! The number of fines we get there is madness hahahas!
There was this one week were we got like 5 fines I think?
And I think we had like 7 or 8 fines in all? That's USD500+ already.

Things to note when driving in LA: Free parking hours and street cleaning.
1. Check the exact free parking hour on the road that you parked on.
2. Check the days where they have street cleaning (free parking hours will change)
3. Same street/road ≠ same street cleaning days
i.e two way roads, both directions have different days
There was this epic fine. Day 1 we got fined for not shifting the car as they had street cleaning that day. We didn't know there was such a thing! So after getting fined, you would think that we should learn our lesson already right. But... that night we so happened to park our car on the same street but in the opposite direction and thought that the street cleaning day should be the same. Next day, we received another fine. Really don't know if we should laugh or cry lols.
4. Keep setting alarms to shift your car every 2hrs.
5. Always shift the car early cause they are really strict!
I think once we were only 10mins late and we received the fine already :/ They are super efficient.

Anyways, it ain't gonna affect our day!

Visited Little Tokyo!
They have lots of jap cosmetics shop, mart and eateries there!

Our dinner place!
Found this using yelp I think?

Their serving was huge! I think we ordered 3 or 4 to share!

After food we roamed around little tokyo...

No idea what's this. Taekwondo?

They have lots of flavors, a lot more as compared to Pinkberry!
P.S They've got mini cups for you to sample before buying too.
This texture of their frozen yogurt reminds me of frolick's?
I think Pinkberry's tastes smoother and nicer?
Random but we got the super cute hello kitty spoon hahas.


Sunday - 22 July 2012

Spot the Hollywood sign ;)
We followed a route I found online.
That route taught us to walk all the way in -.-
After walking for like 30mins then we realized we could actually drive in!
So the guys went back to get the car while we waiting in a random mart.

Along the way, you will see these signs that says no access to the hollywood sign.
When you see this, it is the correct way to the hollywood sign LOL.
I think they did this to prevent people from going close to the sign?
It's actually illegal to go close and touch the sign or something :/
P.S Photo taken by Amelia.

If you are driving, google for Sunset Ranch and drive all the way there!
It's the horse renting place at the bottom of the hill!
While we were walking, we saw people riding horses up the hill.
So I guess you can even rent a horse here and ride it up the hill (seems scary though).
That said, beware of horse poops while walking up lols.

It's a one way route so you don't have to worry about getting lost.
In the event where there are two routes, choose the one that is "illegal" lols.
More details below!

The guys decided to run up a steep slope hahas.

Random photo along the way.
P.S It was super hot! All of us ended up rolling up our sleeves.
Jasper even ended up removing his top hahas.

See! I wasn't kidding when I said we had to trespass everything :/
Photos taken by Amelia. I was happily walking and didn't take photos of all the signs.

We are there!
This place was said to be one of the easiest places to take photo with the sign.
I think there is another route to go closer to the sign but we were satisfied with this ;)

Photo spams hahas.

Then this uncle told us there is a good spot to take the best photo!
He made us stand behind a marked line and sat on the ground to take the photos for us.
I believe that line was marked by him? He made everyone stand there to take photos!
He said he stays nearby and would go there whenever he has time.
He's really nice and spammed lots of photos for us.
Kept rearranging us around too hahas.

Spot the line on the ground hahas.

Last photo of the sign before we left!

The view from above!

Took a lot more random photos on our way down hahas.
After that our shoes were full of sand!
Had to clean our shoes with wet wipes before getting into the car!

After this, it was outlet shopping time at Camarillo Premium Outlets!

Camarillo Premium Outlets
740 E Ventura Blvd, Camarillo, CA 93010, United States

We were hungry though. So lunch at Ruby's Diner first ;)

I can't remember how it tasted like?
So I guess it's just normal?
Cause if it's super nice or super bad, I would have remembered lols.
Pardon the photo qualities too. Left my camera in the car and my phone camera lens was dirty.

We went back home after shopping.
But shortly after we came out again cause Jasper wanted to do some exchange at the outlet.
A few of us tagged along too :)

Going back from the outlet for the second time!
Pretty sunset! LA has the prettiest sunsets!
Their sunsets always have a pretty gradient effect.
Sometimes it's orange-blue, sometimes it's orange-red/pink.

It was very late and the 4 of us who went back to the outlet got a lil hungry.
So we stopped by Noodle World for dinner! YUMMY!

Their hor fun is just normal?

Their pho is nice!
I think it's also cause I rarely eat this in SG?

I have no idea what is this last dish.
Pho but instead of soup it's a dry version?
This is what happens when you blog after 2 years lols!
The photos do bring back lots of memories but not every single bit.
That's why I'm still trying to record everything down before I forget more stuffs :/


With that, I'm done with Part 2!
It was a long week in LA since we spent the weekends in LA too :)
Two more weeks to go! Ahh I miss USA so much!

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