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[Review] Hello Beauty Contouring Products

Friday 17 October 2014

Today's products are all from Hello Beauty. For those who don't know, Hello Beauty is a Taiwan brand that has invested and devoted 3 years in Research & Development to specially create a natural slimming and curving technology.

This specially designed formula and technology facilitates massage, helps boost blood circulation and reduces stubborn fats and cellulites. Our products also helps to hydrate and firms skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth, resulting in a firmer and younger looking skin. We promise you would dispose away all your other greasy and ineffective products, witnessing the miracle of achieving real body curves naturally! [from Press Release]

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(150ml) SG$36.90

My Review:
Unlike those contouring creams in the market, this does not burn at all! The gel-like essence is smooth and gets absorbed by the skin quickly! Most importantly, it's not greasy/sticky at all. Singapore is really humid and I hate greasy/sticky products. After applying this religiously for a week, I could feel my arms become smoother and slightly firmer. I think it works really well as a non-sticky moisturizer to repair the skin! Oh and this essence has some sort of instant brightening effect! It shows in my before and after application photos. Both photos were taken under the same lighting conditions, I did not move at all.

Main Natural Ingredients:
Cocoa Extract: Antioxidant, delays signs of aging & restores skin vitality
Green Tea Extract: Anti-aging, repairs skin, resulting in healthy & beautiful skin
Horse Chestnut Seed Extract: Relaxes skin & restores skin elasticity
Citric Acid: Brightens, exfoliates skin & speeds up new cells turnover
Caffeine: Fights against stubborn cellulites & burns off excessive fat deposits

(150ml) SG$36.90

My Review:
I was looking forward to trying this product cause the Taiwan bloggers were raving about it! They even showed the before and after photo of how their legs turned fairer! I applied this product for a week. Same as the arm essence, it gets absorbed by the skin rather quickly and is leave a non- greasy/sticky finish. It has quite a strong mint smell and has a minty sensation after applying! It helps to relax tired legs and I like to apply this at night before wearing my compression stockings! I feel that this product works as a good moisturizer too. P.S Don't over apply. I tested different amounts and when I over applied, it got a lil too minty and felt a lil greasy hahas.

Anyways, took a photo to show how I turned fairer instantly. One leg with the essence applied (right) and the other without(left). I believe this has the same brightening effect as the arm contouring essence! :) P.S The only photoshop I did was to crop and lengthen the photo.

Main Natural Ingredients
Arbutin: Deep whitening, repairs dark & dull skin & diminishes dark spots
Citric Acid: Brightens, exfoliates skin & speeds up new cells turnover
Pelargonium Oil: Helps in blood circulation, relaxes the skin & better skin absorption
Mentha Piperita: Soothes & relaxes skin, reduces edema & gives a cooling sensation
Caffeine: Fights against stubborn cellulites & burns off excessive fat deposits
Hedera Helix Leaf Extract: Soothing, firms & repairs skin

(250ml) SG$36.90

My Review:
This product contains mild thermal active micro-crystal beads (very tiny orange beads) so it does release some heat but not the horrible burning sensation type. It just feels like there's something warm on my arm. Actually I prefer product that heats up and actually helps me sweat without even having to move. So I guess the heat is helping to increase you metabolic rate by sweating it out? Anyway, it does take slightly longer to get absorbed by the skin cause it's more cream like. But after it's absorbed by the skin, it was neither greasy nor sticky at all.

Main Natural Ingredients
Cetearyl Glucoside: Antioxidant, firms & tightens skin
Citric Acid: Brightens, soften skin, removes dead skin cells & speeds up new cells turnover
Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E): Antioxidant, protects skin against UV rays & environmental damages
Caffeine: Fights against stubborn cellulites & burns off excessive fat deposits
Vanillyl Butyl Ether: A natural mild warming agent that accelerates the absorption & increase the effectiveness of the active ingredients. Skin friendly.
Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract: Tightens & repairs skin
Horse Chestnut Seed Extract: Helps the skin to battle the signs of aging that deplete collagen & elastin from the skin
Arctium Lappa Root Extract: Anti-inflammatory, stimulates collagen, firms & tightens skin

(150ml) SG$36.90

My Review:
Tried this product and my skin felt slightly more moisturized and smoother after using it! This product has natural cleansing ingredients to help cleanse your skin effectively.

Main Natural Ingredients
Cocamidopropyl Betaine: Cleanses & removes dirts & oil gently & effectively
Theophylline: Anti-cellulite, firms & tightens skin
Aloe Barbadensis Gel: Moisturizes & smoothes your skin
Caffine: Fights against stubborn cellulites & burns off excessive fat deposits.
Vitis Vinifera Extract: Anti-aging & protects skin against environmental damage

.Slims.Firms.Exfoliates.Refines. Repairs.
(250ml) SG$36.90

My Review:
Well, I've been keeping the best for the last! Out of all the products, this has got to be my favorite! Firstly, it smells really really nice; a light and non-overpowering peppermint smell. This scrub has a thick gel texture with very fine sea salt bits, so it will not harm your skin! It produces a little heat (warmth) when in contact with water and skin and I like how it helps make my skin a lot smoother!  Did a little google on the benefits of sea salt scrub and learnt that it helps aid weight loss, improves blood circulation, relieve dry skin, antiseptic, reduce water retention, etc! P.S London Weight Management uses sea salt scrub as one of their slimming steps too ;)

Main Natural Ingredients
Sea Salts: Finest quality sea salt used that will not damage your skin protective layer. Cleanses pores from the inner layer of your skin, tones & purify.
Grapefruit Extract: Shrink pores, skin whitening, repairs dark & dull skin
Witch Hazel Leaf Water: Soothing, anti-inflammatory, skin tightening & restores suppleness of skin.
Algae Extract: A strong antioxidant ingredient that slows down signs of aging, detoxify & improves skin metabolism. It also removes dead skin cells & strengthen your skin tissues.
Caffeine: Fights against stubborn cellulites and burns off excessive fat deposits

Something to note if you are thinking of getting the product! It's good to have a habit of testing new products on your wrist before trying! Anyways, I tried all of them and didn't have any allergic reactions. It should be rather safe but everyone have different skin reactions, so it's always better to be safe than sorry ;)

That's all for this review!
Hope it's useful for those who are interested in these products ;)

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You can also find Hello Beauty products at the following outlets:
eBeauty Far East Plaza
14 Scotts Road #03-142 / #04-45 (S)228213

eBeauty Bugis
Unit No. CSLA 3 / 4 & DESL 22-5 (2ND Floor) (S)188866

Swanston Chinatown
32 New Market Road #02-1002 / 1004 (Beside OG Chinatown) (S)050032

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