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NUXE Merveillance Expert Series Launch

Tuesday 13 January 2015

Attended NUXE's new Merveillance Expert Series Launch :)
A total of 5 anti-ageing products were launched!
Nuxe discovered a new flower called the daylily and used it to created these products.
The products are said to help prevent and reverse glycation (where sugar damage your skin),
diminish wrinkles and firm up your skin!

We were given a presentation on the Merveillance Expert series :)
Learnt what is glycation and how this Merveillance Expert series helps to reverse and prevent it!

P.S Glycation causes wrinkling, loss of elasticity, stiffness and accelerated aging.
It's definitely something that everyone have to beware of!
Don't think anyone will want their skin to age right?

Photo with Yingjie at the event!

All the goodies we brought home!
I like the smell and texture of the products.
But I haven't really tried them as I'm trying to stick to my current skincare regime.
If I do give it a try, I will definitely do a full review post ;)
If you are interested, you can visit any of the NUXE stores to try them out!

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