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My Month In Photos (Jan 2015)

Thursday 12 February 2015

In a blink of an eye, the first month of 2015 is over!
Well... 2015 has been good to me so far... minus the fact that I caught a very bad flu?
Cause I started off 2015 in Seoul and got a job after I got back! :)
Anyways, I will still be blogging even though I have a full time job now.
And I've got a couple of beauty reviews coming up! ;)
For now, let's start with my 2015 Jan month in photos shall we?


1 to 11 Jan 2015

I had my flight on 31st Dec, caught live fireworks on the plane, and reached Seoul on 1st Jan! Really enjoyed myself during this trip! Got to experience a lot of new stuffs like staying in a hanok, trying hanboks, ice fishing, etc! This whole trip was a mad tiring one though hahahas! We woke up at like 6.30am (average) on most days! Normally when I travel, the earliest I wake up is 8am lols. But ok la, cause we wake up early everyday, we got to cover quite a lot of places in Korea! I will still wanna go back to Korea though! Maybe when it's spring? :)

P.S If you are going to Korea, get your wifi device from WiFi-Korea! It's super affordable and they are conveniently located at Insadong! Select my name "Katelyn Tan" from the referral list for a 10% off ;)


Friday, 16 Jan 2015

Dinner with Fel at Bornga. Yes, I just got back from korea then and had korean food again LOL. One can never get sick of korean food right? ;) The sides were soso only but the mains were good! It tasted a lot like the bulgogi I had in korea! After that we had Tai Parfait :)


Tuesday, 20 Jan 2015

Went for my pre-employment medical checkup in the morning and popped by IDS Clinic after that to top up my products! A rare moment where I top up every single product cause they usually don't run out at the same time. But... this time they all are gonna run out at the same time! Oh and seems like I used more products in Jan. Maybe cause I travelled? I usually use my products based on the number of pumps but had to pump more when I travel cause I cannot control the amount I pour out from my travel bottles! Btw, I am on my second bottle of Lyco White now!


Monday, 26 Jan 2015

Met up with Jocelyn the busy girl. This girl is forever OT-ing and running around. It's so hard to catch her for dinner! Dinner at Ma Maison. Their squid ink pasta is a to die for! You won't even get sick of the pasta base. After dinner, we had desserts at Paris Baguette. The strawberry short cake was not bad cos they had lot of strawberries in it. But... the oreo cheesecake was horrible. The oreo bits and cheese weren't blended at all. The cake just tasted like pure cream cheese sprinkled with oreo bits.

P.S New glasses from Tokyo Star Optical. Will be blogging about it soon. Btw they are my spare glasses.


Friday, 30 Jan 2015

Day 2 of work and I had yummy food at Pan Pac Hotel hehe. Didn't eat much though. Only had whatever was on that plate in the photo + some sashimi. For those who don't know... I don't have a habit of eating lunch cause I sleep at 4am, wake up at 11am and have bread. So I had to adjust my body clock to wake up earlier, sleep earlier, have early breakfast, have lunch, and have late dinner. Btw my body clock is now fully adjusted =P Really like my workplace! Everyone is so nice and friendly :) Really glad I got this job and that I have to thank someone for recommending and helping me get this job! You know who you are ;) THANK YOU! :)

Hmm and I think this might be the first and last time I post about work? Cause... I am not supposed to blog about work hahas. Btw, I need to buy more working clothes. Like seriously. I have too many tees and skirts, all too casual for work. Too little suitable length dresses too, all too short for work. My wardrobe is gonna explode alr though. I think I need to start folding my tees.


Beauty Product of the Month
- 3CE Lip Lacquer -

Got this when I were in Korea and really love this lip lacquer!
It is very pigmented, tints really well and is super smooth!

Music of the Month
- Mr.Chu by Apink -

Heard this song in korea and sort of got ear bugged by it hahahas.

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