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[Review] CLIO Kill Black/Brown Eyeliners

Saturday 11 April 2015

I'm back with a review of some awesome products - CLIO Kill Black/Brown eyeliners! I have with me CLIO Kill Brown Pencil Liner, Kill Black & Brown Brush Liners, Kill Brown Pen Liners, all of which I'm gonna review and compare in this post ;)

What's so good about these eyeliners?
[From Press Release]

1. Greater Carbon Content
Kill Black uses a new carbon black formulated in Japan that offers a richer and stronger black. In addition, the previous version has only 6.8g of carbon content while the new version has 7g.

2. A New Ink Tank Container
Think go this as the container within a ballpoint pen. This improved container provides a better sanitation, and also delivers a smooth and controlled formula release for easy drawing.

3. A Longer-lasting Formula
Kill Black uses an exclusive film formula that has better waterproofing ability, and stays longer on skin without smudging or disappearing.

4. Better Care For Your Eyes
Kill Black is now more moisturizing for the eyes, thanks to the addition of a humectant called 1,2-Hexanediol, which also has antimicrobial properties.

5. A Smoother Glide
The improved moisturizing properties also mean that the new formula allows for a smoother glide - so both makeup noobs and experts can line their eyes with ease.


Kill Black/Brown Waterproof Pencil Liners
This pencil liner is talc-and paraffin-free, making it great for sensitive eyes. Great for those who prefer the softness of pencils to the stark look of liquid liner. It is budge-, smudge-, water- and sweat-proof. Available in black and brown. Each pencil liner is retailed at $17.90. [From Press Release]

My Review:
They really budge-, smudge-, water- and sweat-proof as advertised. They did budge a little when I rubbed my swatches but I rubbed real hard, to the extent my arm turned red, and I don't think anyone would do that to your eyes right? I have really oily eyelids and I could wear it for 12 hours with minimal budging.


Kill Black/Brown Waterproof Pen Liners
This pen liner glides smoothly over eyelids with precision, offering a deep black intensity. Waterproof and long-lasting, this allows you maximum control in the thickness of your eyeline with an easy-to-use soft brush. Available in black and brown. Each pencil liner is retailed at $22.90. [From Press Release]

My Review:
I don't have the black ones with me hence I will only review the brown ones. It was my go-to eyeliners before I tried the brush version from the same series. They are more pigmented as compared to the brush version.


Kill Black/Brown Waterproof Brush Liners
This brush liner offers super-fine precision, allowing for greater experimentation. Your go-to tool whether you want Sophia Loren’s full-on winged-out peepers or Brigitte Bardot’s sexy cat-eye. Available in black and brown. Each pencil liner is retailed at $25.90. [From Press Release]

My Review:
Each eyeliner comes with a travel-sized makeup remover. Due to the thin brush tips and flexibility, I think I can easily be control the thickness of the lines drawn using these brush liners. They are less pigmented than the pen version but I love these cause I have better control over it, it dries more quickly and feather lesser as compared to the pen version. They won't smudge but can flake off and disappear if you rub it.


Since I've review the products already, are you interested in the swatches and test photos? I swatched these eyeliners on my arm and did a rub and water test. Top to bottom / Left to Right: Kill Black Waterproof Pencil Liner, Kill Brown Waterproof Pencil Liner, Kill Brown Waterproof Pen Liner, Kill Black Waterproof Brush Liner, Kill Brown Waterproof Brush Liner.

The thinner lines were drawn in a single stroke and I did two stroke for the thicker lines. After I was done with the swatches, I waited for 5 mins before I did the rub test, redrew the lines and waited for another 5 mins before I did the water test and water+rub test. One thing that I realized was, the longer you leave the eyeliners on without rubbing, the more budge-proof they become!

Kill Black/Brown Pencil Liner
✓ Rub Test: Products did disappear but did not smudge.
✓ Water Test: No smudging, it seems  to even repel water!
✓ Rub+Water Test:

Kill Brown Pen Liner
✓ Rub Test: Products did disappear but did not smudge.
✓ Water Test: No smudging.
 x  Rub+Water Test: Smudged a little and has the most product disappearing.

Kill Black/Brown Brush Liner
✓ Rub Test: Products did disappear but did not smudge.
✓ Water Test: No smudging.
✓ Rub+Water Test: Did not smudge and still acceptable outcome.

Overall, I think they are all rather waterproof and smudge-proof! For the rub test, I have to say that I rubbed my arm real hard for the rubbing tests and i don't think anyone would be this rough to your eyes? Hence I think all 3 did well for the rub test. At least none of them smudged! For the water test, all 3 were water proof. They did not budge at all even though I placed my arm under running water for 30seconds. For the rub+water test, I have to say that I rubbed my arm rather violently again so as to see what are their maximum thresholds. The pencil and brush liner did rather well as both did not smudge at all, they did disappear/flake off but not smudge. Sad to say, the pen liner did smudge. Not sure if it's cause I only left it on for 5mins before running it under water. Perhaps it wasn't fully dried when I tested.

Took the comparison photos of the day I had steamboat with my friends. Wore this the Kill Black Pencil Liner (waterline) and Kill Black Brush Liner for 12 hours and the eyeliners didn't really smudge much! I think they did flake off but it wasn't that obvious and don't look that smudged!

This is my current go to make up look! I wear this to work most of the time, minus the mascara and lower lash eyeliner ;) I have really oily eyelids so if they don't smudge on me, I think they won't smudge on most people? If I wear it for super long hours and rub my eyes frequently, they will just flake off but they don't look smudge. So I guess the Kill Black and Kill Brown Pencil and Brush eyeliners will be my go-to eyeliners for quite some time! ♥

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