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Stroff.com - Your Job Portal with Internships for Students

Friday 29 May 2015

Internships. Don't you think it's really hard to source for one as not many companies list them on job portals? I still remember how troublesome it was to source for a singapore internship in my uni days! So girl here, being lazy as usual, decided to leave it to the school and had quite a limited choice.

But anyways, I know many polytechnic students are looking for an internship in singapore now (cause my sis is also looking for one). What I'm sharing today will be useful for all of you cause all you lucky people now you have a portal to source for internships! Yes, you no longer have to contact company by company yourself!

It's really easy to sign up an account at Stroff.com as you can simply sign in with your Facebook! Don't wish to sign up using your Facebook? No worries, just sign up using your email ;)

Signing up using your email address is super easy too! All you need is your name, user id, password and your email address.

Upon sign up, they will ask you for more information so they can better match you up with a suitable job! You can also upload your own photo. So yes, it's very similar to those full time job portals just that you can find a decent number of internship singapore opportunities and part time jobs here ;)

At Stroff.com, other than finding a job, you can also find job related tips! Cover letter guide, resume guide, interview tips, reasons for doing an internship, preparation tips, etc.

The job opportunities search engine is so user-friendly and it even categorizes based on job type. That way, you would not end up seeing a list of unrelated job types. For instance, if you are looking for an internship, you can view a list with only internships and nothing else (i.e. no full time jobs, part time jobs, etc).

Sign Up now for a free "Jobseeker" or "Employer/Recruiter" account on the Stroff.com portal :)

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