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Officially a Graduate; My Convocation!

Tuesday 11 August 2015

Yes, I officially graduated on 29th July! It's also my 6 monthsary at work hahahas. Didn't realized till my boss asked me when was my 6 month cause that's when I will no longer be under probation. Oh, and... I graduated in Electrical and Electronics Engineering but my job is nothing related to that hehe.

Anyways, for those who still don't know, I extended a semester in uni. Hence, the late convocation. To cut the story short, I caught a gastric flu and went mc for quite a few days during exam period :/ My friend always says "everything happens for a reason" and I'm very very sure this gastric flu came for a reason (other than the fact that I wasn't taking care of myself) as it actually made me figured out who my true friends were. Also, if I didn't extend a semester, I doubt I will have my current job as they weren't hiring then hahahas. But I'm definitely glad that I've finally graduated cause I really don't exactly like to study hehe. I think my colleagues who are doing or who did part time degrees are really pro, I don't think I can ever do part time study. See how I am struggling with part time blogging already. A friend of mine told me to take up masters and I was like "just kill me please" hahahas. But now I keep joking that I want to study Masters in Mass Comms cause the robe, or rather the sash, is nice hahahas. But I doubt it will happen any time soon cause I need a break from studying.

So on a happy note, here are more photos from my convocation at NTU, one that my parents and I had to take leave to attend as it is on a weekday afternoon! Also really glad daddy got his new car by then so we didn't have to travel by cab! Hehe.

First photo of the day was with my crime partners! The three of us are all from EEE but only got to know each other through an elective. Yuji was in the morning session convo which explains why she's not in her robe =P

An SG50 Convocation! Random but I look so fair in the official stage photo!

Sis spammed photos when I was on the stage hahas. Benefits of having a sis with a dslr. Thank you sissy for spending a whole day out just to take photos for me!

Another photo with Kahwei after the ceremony since I had my teddies and flowers with me already :) Both of us were kidding about how we extended a semester just so we could have an SG50 convocation. But honestly, we didn't have a choice. He had his own reasons too.

Photo spam around nanyang audi and sbs hahas. 

Photos taken at the igave photo booth with my parents, sister and xinci. Thank you study-turned-travel-and-shopping buddy for attending my convocation and thanks for the present! :) P.S We queued more than 30mins just to take 5 igave photo booth pics cause the ppl infront were so slow.

Last two photos in school and my parents and sis headed home while xinci and I went out for dinner :)

Photos taken at home with my grandparents and sister who didn't attend the ceremony.

Thank you daddy and mummy for supporting me, both mentally and financially, throughout my 16 years of studies from primary school to university. Thank you grandpa and grandma for always ensuring that I have food to eat when I'm hungry. Thank you sisters for not bothering me on the rare days I'm studying hahahas. Now we just need to wait for the little sis to graduate (from poly at least) before we have our studio photoshoot. P.S That is my sis who graduated from High School Musical hahahas. Okays, kidding that's actually UNLV(University of Las Vegas)'s graduation robe! :)

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