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11.11 with Skycart!

Sunday 8 November 2015

Hello all, anyone shopping on Taobao lately? Have you heard of Skycart? Skycart is not a Taobao agent, it is a concierge-like service helping customers to buy safely and easily from Chinese on- line shops like Taobao.com. Customers can approach Skycart on its live chat to help with reading Chinese descriptions and providing search terms, even requesting for Skycart staff to help source for things.

Above is skycart's shipping cost and they have a service charge / agent fee of 7% which is currently the lowest in the industry for standard members!


So what is this 11.11?
11.11 is THE shopping sale event of the year that has created/broken many Guinness World Records! The deals they offer are crazy - think up to 90% off items on TaoBao or Tmall. My sister already "booked" me to shop at 12 midnight cause a good deal waits for no one! =P

Here's some tips from Skycart for 11.11!

[Part I: What You Must Know]

1. Many Tmall sellers have already started pre-sales. Although 11.11 is officially for Tmall only, plenty of other sellers on other sites get in on the action!

2. Top-up Skypay in advance with more than you actually need so you don’t have to wait for verification on 11 November. Sellers may charge extra domestic fee or you may suddenly see a deal that cannot be missed.

3. Start adding items to your cart or wishlist right now. You won’t have time to do so on the day itself. Items go out of stock faster than you can click.

[Part II: What To Expect]

1. Delays are inevitable. The entire China comes to a standstill for up to 6 weeks after 11.11. :/

2. Items will sell out extremely fast on 11.11.2015. Your option(s) might not be available at the time of the concierge's purchase. If this happens, they will consider your item Out Of Stock, cancel your order and you will receive a full refund within the next few hours.

3. Full amounts must be paid upfront. For example, this item, which has a RMB26 deposit, but the full amount is RMB259, you will have to pay the full amount through your skypay first. They will handle the deposit and reservation for you. Deposits are non-refundable and items are not eligible for 7-days return. These terms are from the sellers, not us!

[Part III: What To Do]

1. State 11.11.2015 in the Remarks box. With this, they will only purchase your item on 11.11. If you do not leave this remark, they will purchase your item immediately and you won’t get to enjoy the discounted price.

2. Check out and pay way before 11 November. That way they will have time to allocate a dedicated officer to handle your account for you.

3. Have options and substitutes for your shopping. Tell them exactly what colour/size you prefer, and be kiasu – give them your options #1, #2 and #3 in case what you want goes out of stock!

4. Pay the highest price in your item link. If you gave them options #1/2/3, option 3 might cost more than option 1, which already went out of stock. This way, they won’t have to wait for you to top-up and you’ll get refunded for whatever was not spent.


So... what are you waiting for? Time to sign up for an account and RSVP to be part of limited 12,000 people who can enjoy exclusive discounts (price match with the lowest agent discount available on 11.11) with Skycart now! Happy shopping!

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