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Kapten & Son; Minimalistic Lifestyle Watches

Tuesday 26 July 2016

"Born for adventure, exploring the world!" - Kapten & Son, a German brand selling minimalistic lifestyle accessories and watch brand for every outfit and occasion, is now available in Singapore! 

Image credit: Kapten & Son

I'm happy to be one of the first few Kaptens in Singapore, okays actually my boyfriend is the Kapten as I ended up giving the Kapten & Son Campus watch to him as it is too big for me. I should have gotten Campina!

Kapten & Son has lots of watches available but I decided to go with a Silver "Black Brown Leather" watch as I think it's really classic and it would add a bit of colour to my outfit since I'm in neutral colours most of the time! I went with a Campus (40mm diameter) but should have gotten a Campina (36mm diameter) as the Campus was almost the size of my wrist! It's wearable if you want a statement watch but I prefer something slightly smaller than my wrist.

So Why be a Kapten?

Minimalist Unisex Watches
Simple yet classy watches that both guys and girls cannot resist. Kapten & Son watches are unisex so you can share it with anyone. I got the Campus for myself since a Campus and Campina only has a 4mm difference but found that the watch was a little too big so I gave it to boyfriend! Now I'm really tempted to get a Campina for myself as I really love the design!

Wide Variety of Changeable Straps
Bored of having the same old watch strap? Kapten & Son watches have changeable straps and they have over 20 straps for you to choose from. You can achieve many different styles with the same watch face simply by changing the strap from leather to nylon, canvas and even metal mesh!

Rosegold Hardware
The rosegold hardware watches caught my eyes but I didn’t get it cause my boyfriend and I were thinking of getting it as our colour watch in the same colour hence I went with the one with silver hardware but… just look at how pretty it is! Maybe I should get two campinas, one in silver hardware and another in rosegold hardware!

I think Kapten & Son watches are a must have for guys (and actually girls as well though I don't own one now) as they are really versatile and the Campus watches are the perfect size for most guys!

You can easily change the strap to make it look casual or more formal! Here are some photos to show how their watches can be worn casually as well.

What are you waiting for? Join us and be a Kapten yourself! Visit their website at asia.kapten-son.com!

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