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Types of Fabrics for Your Customized Dress

Wednesday 21 June 2017

Photo credit: Tissura.com
Thinking of tailoring your own unique dress for your special events such as Prom, ROM, Wedding, etc? There are many seamstresses in Singapore (you can try checking Haji Lane, People's Park and City Plaza) that can help you tailor-make the dress.

As for the fabric, online stores such as Tissura.com have a wide range of luxury fabrics available, from Chiffon to Lace, Crepe, Georgette, Jacquard and even Poplin! The question is... how do you find the suitable fabric for your dream dress? Here are some of the more common types of fabrics for your consideration!

Photo credit: Tissura.com

COTTON is a natural fiber and is used to make many fabric types at every price point. This material used to make all kinds of clothes such as t-shirts and dresses. It is even used to make homewares such as bedsheets, towels and more.

LACE is a delicate fabric made by yarn or thread in different open weblike pattern. Some lace patterns have extra sequins and beads added for a different feel and texture. This material is commonly used to add a feminine touch to outfits such as blouses, dresses and even outerwear.

SATIN is a glossy, slippery and well-draping weave fabric. Satin is usually made of silk or polyester, but also wool and cotton are used. Depending on the weight and finish of the fabric, light and shiny silk or polyester satins are used in evening gowns and lingerie, while thicker wool satin is used for coats, trousers and other types of outerwear.

CHIFFON is a lightweight, sheer and flowing woven fabric. It is can be made from cotton, silk or synthetic fibers such as nylon, rayon and polyester. This material very thin, hence it is usually layered and made into lighter and finer shirts, blouses and dresses. It can also be used to make accessories like scarves.

ORGANZA is a sheer, stiff, plain weave fabric. This fabric is traditionally made of silk and is used for evening dresses and fine shirts and blouses. The material is light yet structured, hence can be used to add different layers and add volume to a dress for a princess look.

Photo credit: Tissura.com

For those who are looking for a some luxury fabric for your dress, do check out Tissura's website social media to view their range of products. You can more design and fabric ideas there as well!

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