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Korean Hair Trends: S-Curl

Sunday 6 August 2017

One of the trending hair styles in Korea (and Singapore) is the S-Curl. I personally feel that the Korean S-Curl is a combination of normal curls and waves and it looks great on all hair lengths, suitable for casual and even formal looks!

Over the year, many celebrities can be seen rocking the Korean S-Curl hairstyle and some of these celebrities are Park Shin Hye, Suzy and Yoona! [image credit: dramafeverallkpopggpm]

Recently I was recommended to try this hairstyle and I have to say... of all the perms I've done before, I love this the most and received lots of compliments for this hairstyle!

The salon tightened the curls a little more for me as my hair is stubbornly straight (just look at the before photo) so I had to bear with the first few days of tight curls. Also, I needed tighter curls as I was going to colour my hair a week later and it will flatten out the curls. BUT I totally love my hair once the curls loosen and my boss even wanted to have the same hair style done!

Above are my before and after photos. My hair was really really straight before I curled them and I didn't even reborn my hair at all. That's why the stylist had no choice but to tighten the curls. Anyways, the curls loosened after I coloured my hair and full loosened 3 days after the hair colour!

Here's what I did:
1: Trim + S-Curl
2: Colour (a week later)

Ending this post with a photo I took recently at the National Day Parade, 3 months after I did the s-curls. I would say the curls are really well done cause perm really doesn't stay on my hair but till date, my hair is really still very curly (esp when it wet). I really love these loose curls and how I can save time on styling my hair in the morning! I really wake up looking like this and I guess I will keep going back to such s-curls. Feel free to share your photos or thoughts with me if you have tried such perms before too!

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