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Ombre Dress Customization

Friday 15 September 2017

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Ombre dresses are all the trend now, be it for wedding dresses, red carpet dresses, prom dresses or even causal weekend dresses! Many shops and even designer brands have been launch ombre/gradient dresses. Have you been wondering how you can get your hands on suitable fabric customize your own ombre dress? Here's a post to help you!

Ombre or gradient fabric have a degrade effect, meaning colours are gradually added to look like a tie-dye effect but smoother. This effect is commonly added to materials like chiffon and you can find a wide variety of Degrade Chiffon Fabrics on Tissura.

Above are some of the colours available! I don't think I will ever grow out of this ombre dress trend! Just look at how smooth the colour transitions are and how classy it makes the dress look. Also, I think it is a great option for those who hate having too many different colours on their outfit cause you actually only have one colour but in different shades.

So for those who are looking for ombre or gradient fabrics to customize your dress but wondering why you can't seem to find any, do try searching for degrade fabrics instead. It's the term used for ombre effect in fabrics. Another popular material that uses this degrade is the organza fabric. It's similar to chiffon but more structured. The organza fabric is usually used for more formal dresses (like wedding or red carpet) as it looks more posh, while the chiffon fabric is used for more day to day or less structured dresses.

Hope this post helps those who are looking for such fabrics as I did have a hard time finding the term used in the industry for ombre fabrics previously. I'm so tempted to customize a unique ombre dress for myself now! Yes, I really like ombre dresses, hahahas.

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