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#OOTD: Weekend Dates

Saturday 30 September 2017

Ran out of outfit ideas for your weekend dates? To be honest, I'm usually in casual when I'm out with my bf. Everyday is a date even when we are in casual hahahas. But when we are out for a special occasion or plan to take lots of photos, I will dress up a little more. Here are some of my OOTDs from my weekend dates!

OOTD #1: Versatile Navy Blue

Well, navy blue can't go wrong. I always feel that navy blue is a really versatile colour. Depending on the type of accessories you wear/carry, you can look formal or smart casual in the same dress. Also, it's really easy to colour co-ordinate - I can easier match with a greyish blue bag and black wedges. Btw, when I want to be dressier, I will be in covered wedges or heels. Else, I'm usually in sandals!

OOTD #2: Go Casual

Simply match a top with a skirt and I'm ready to go. Usually if I'm in casual, I will dress really causally i.e. tee and shorts. But for special weekend dates, if I still want to dress casual, I will wear a top with a skirt, usually both of a thicker material and non-cotton. It has to be a material that is more structured so I'm not overly casual. Good thing my bf is in tees most of the time, so I don't have to put in so much effort to dress up too hehehe.

OOTD #3: Sweet Dove Grey

I love this shade of grey and wore this dress out for vday! Dove grey is a really soft and sweet colour. I guess that's why many brides choose this colour for their bridal dresses? If I'm not wrong, the dress is made of cotton jersey knit. (P.S Check out Tissura for cotton jersey knit if you are planning on customizing a dress.) Usually when I'm out, I like to stay comfortable even when I'm in a dress. That's why most of my dresses are A-line dresses and the materials are usually smoother cotton or polyblend.

Those are the three OOTDs for this post. Hope it gives you some idea of what you can wear and enjoy your weekend dates!

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