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Bag Decor Ideas

Monday 20 November 2017

Need some ideas to brighten up your boring bag, protect your bag or perhaps to even hide that damaged bag handle? Here's some tips!

Get some iron on patches

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Got some scratches on your bag? Consider ironing on some embroidery patches! You can even match the patches with the ones on your outfit/jeans!

Add a bag charm

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I guess the easiest would be to hook on a bag charm? Pick on in a matching colour and simply hook it on your bag. The best part? You can easily change it whenever you would like to! Hmm... how about some leather tassel charms since tassels are so popular now? ;)

Use a silk scarf

Photo credit: Pinterest

Have you considered making your own silk scarf tie? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Hermes was the brand that started the trend of tying twilly scarf around bag handles so users can protect the bag. This was especially so for people staying in hot and so... humid climates and tying of silk scarves around bag handles ended up becoming a fashion trend.

Now you might be thinking... why silk? Silk is normally described as an all-climate fabric. It is also smooth, highly absorbent and dries quickly, making it a suitable material to be used for both hot or cold climates. To be honest, I was never a silk fabric person. Silk fabrics are just too smooth for my liking and usually I feel that they tend to cling to the skin due to friction, etc. But now that I know the benefits of silk, maybe I should invest in some pretty ones soon hahahas.

Now if you are thinking of getting some silk for your bags, you can buy silk from Tissura. P.S Other than making the silk fabric into some twilly scarves for your bags, you can even use them to make some neck tie, headband, clothes and more!

Time to shop and get creative! :)

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