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Tuesday 12 June 2018

2018 is a special year for us and it's gonna be a busy year! Firstly, Alaric and I are engaged, he proposed a month back before our Japan trip! Also, we got a decent BTO number and we just chose our unit, so we are gonna have to do lots of research for our home. Hence, the creation of two new categories on this website - Wedding and Home.

I know haven't been posting as frequently this last year but this year I hope to blog more and share the little tips with all of you! Especially for couples who have no idea where to start for your BTO or wedding preparations.

I realised there wasn't a proper website for us to go to, especially for BTO and I had to Google for different info or follow some forum threads. So hopeful my future posts will be useful for some of you. As for wedding, we want an intimate one yet it has to be banquet style so there's lots of planning required! On top of that we need to plan our overseas photoshoot in Taiwan.

As usual, I will still be blogging about Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle and Travel while the mr will be blogging about Food (under the tag A-jiaks) since he is picky with food. The only difference is that we will be writing Home and Wedding related posts together or maybe share the topics between the 2 of us, depending on our schedule.

Now I need to better manage my time for family, friends, work, blog and our new shop - Yours Truly! More blog posts will be coming your way, so yes, do keep a look out for the them! :)

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