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[Event] Launch of IDS Skincare DermaShield Serum and DermaShield Mask

Sunday 14 October 2018

IDS Skincare launched two new products last Thursday, the DermaShield Serum and DermaShield Mask, and held a luncheon at the Open Farm Community. These products are really special cause they are most probably the first-in Singapore products that are developed to protect your skin against the harmful effects of HEV, Infra-red and blue light, as well as environmental damage!

We had an awesome luncheon with lots of yummy food and the best part is of course the new products launched that day! The post is gonna get quite technical from here-on, but you will better understand why you need anti-blue light products at the end of the post and there will be a special promo for you too!

Dr SK Tan shared with us more about the products and how pollution and blue light can damage our skin. I was aware that pollution can cause premature skin ageing and skin issues such as acne, dryness or rashes. However, I didn't know blue light can cause harm to my skin too. I always thought blue light is only harmful to the eyes, that's why we have anti-blue light lenses.

What is blue light and how are you exposed to it?
Blue light is High Energy Visible (HEV) light and it is everywhere. It is emitted by the sun and also our digital devices. We are always on our digital devices, be it digital screens, computers, laptops, smart phones, or tablets, so just imagine how much blue light we are exposed to daily! Plus blue light is said to be able to penetrate deeper into the skin, hence making it more harmful that UV light.

So how can blue light affect you?
• Disrupts the circadian rhythm (your body's natural clock / sleep pattern) as it suppresses Melatonin (natural hormone in your body that helps you sleep at night)
• Eye strain, dry and irritated eyes, headaches, neck and back pain
• Photo-aging that results in spider veins, dullness, age or liver spots and wrinkles
• Skin barrier impairment with effects like dryness or acne

The IDS Skincare DermaShield Serum (DS) is your invisible 'screen protector' against harmful effects of blue light (a.k.a. HEV), IR light and environmental pollutants. It is made with many natural ingredients that have strong anti-blue light and antioxidant properties. Pair the DS with your sunscreen (my favourite is S2) and you are sure to be fully protected! 

The IDS Skincare DermaShield Mask (DM) is packed with all the anti-blue light and antioxidant ingredients to help protect your skin from damage caused by blue light exposure too. It also has added moisturizing and skin-brightening benefits due to ingredients such as the Hyaluronic Acid and Arbutin. I will share more about the key ingredients with you in my review blog post!


For those who are interested to get the DermaShield products, here is a launch promo for you!

IDS Skincare DermaShield Serum
$90 (U.P. $106)

IDS Skincare DermaShield Mask
$128 (U.P. $160)
Each box consists of 10pcs

The DermaShield products are available at the IDS Skincare counters at Isetan Tampines, Isetan Katong, Metro Causeway Point, Metro Centrepoint, Metro Paragon, Robinsons The Heeren, IDS Clinic, IDS Aesthetics and www.skincare.com/shop/. Prices are inclusive of GST and the promotion is valid from 11 Oct till 6 Nov.

Ending off this post with a photo taken with Ms Janifer Yeo-Tan, co-founder of IDS, a really kind and wise lady! Also, a gentle reminder to all to remember that with the protection against pollution and blue light in place, your skin can then start to receive proper healing, making whatever skincare products that you put on work even better than before!

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