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[Review] Painting Our Bridal Room With Raffles Paint

Monday 21 January 2019

I will be moving into my fiance's home after the wedding cause our BTO won't be ready by then. Hence, we decided to do a mini room renovation - clearing all the old furnitures, installing a full length built-in wardrobe and painting the room with Raffles Paint!

We had our room repainted by Raffles Paint and we are very happy with the new colours! For those who are new to the brand, Raffles Paint is a local brand and their R.One and R.Aqua are:

2-in-1 Primer & Paint - they are very convenient and saves you the time and effort of having to paint the primer coat i.e. one less coat (note: they are the only brand with such 2-in-1 paint and it's great for DIY painters)

Eco-Friendly and Non-Toxic - they do not contain active ingredients such as ammonia or formaldehyde that causes cancer

Washable - they are water-resistant due to the primer so you need not have to worry about the paint peeling or discolouration

Fast Drying - it takes only 30 to 40 minutes for the paint to dry completely

Easy to Purchase - you can easily view all the colours and make a purchase online or at selected NTUC fair price or resellers

We used R.One for the walls and ceiling and R.Aqua for the door, and they did the exact two tone door design that we wanted! The workers also ensured that our new built-in wardrobe and marble floor were covered before the painting process, and did a proper clean up of our place before leaving!

A total of 5 different colours were used for the room; R.Aqua Fairy Breath and Trojan Grey for the door, R.One Jane's Grey and Stileto Grey for the walls and R.One Pure White for the ceiling. Here are some before and after photo of how our bedroom looks like. Athough the Fairy Breath turned out to be something lighter than what we expected, we still love it as it is my favourite shade of pink! Coincidentally I was wearing the exact nail polish shade too! ;)

Also, other than ensuring our furniture are well protected, the painters also did a good job at smoothening the walls! My fiance hasn't painted his wall in years and the walls weren't smooth at all. The painters from Raffles Paint managed to smooth the wall by a fair bit and it really looked as good as new!

Thank you R.One for giving our bridal room a lovely new coat of paint! For those who are keen, you can find out more info about the paint on www.rafflespaint.com! :)


  1. Hello! Great post and wanted to ask if the Jane's Grey has a blue tint to it like in the pictures!

    1. Hi, thanks and sorry for missing your comment! >< It has more of a slight purple tint, not sure if the slight blue tint was due to my wall's base colour.