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[Wedding 101] JOJO Wedding Taiwan Pre-Wedding Photography Review

Wednesday 1 May 2019

Starting off the wedding series of articles with a review for JOJO Wedding (JOJO婚紗攝影) cause we felt that their service was very good and it's a waste they didn't have any reviews that can be found on Google. We were a little hesitant to engage them initially cause we couldn't find any reviews, but we decided to give it a go cause their packages are a lot more affordable and Meng Fan was very prompt with his replies! P.S Our wedding was fully paid by us as we dropped all collaborations in the end cause I didn't want to stress over ensuring everything was for the sponsors.


JOJO Wedding is based in Taichung and we only knew about the shop when we saw their Facebook Ads. Meng Fan, their wedding coordinator, is very responsive on WhatsApp (during their office hours till 10pm I think). They have lots of packages available and their packages for overseas couples includes accommodation and transportation.



We did a 2.5 days photoshoot with them and the package was slightly less than $3,500 excluding entrance fees. It was inclusive of accommodation, transportation, MUA, 50 edited photos and all soft copies. Our photos were all taken outdoors hence we needed more days and many of our guests told us our pre-wedding photos were very well-taken! For those who are thinking of choosing JOJO, do note that their studio is a little small and they specialise in outdoor shoots, so additional venue entrance fees has to be taken into consideration. If I didn't remember wrongly, their 1 day shoot starts from about $1,000+ so they are a lot cheaper than their competitors which were $2,000+ on average without transport and accommodation!

They are also very flexible with their packages and allow you to deduct accommodation if you would like to arrange your own or choose not to have photo canvas to save shipping cost. We went with their accommodation on most days, except for the first day cause we wanted a nice airbnb for our photoshoot, and they also helped to extend a hotel stay for us at NTD1600. We really like how JOJO Wedding was very upfront with their additional costs such as nubra, ampoules, shipping costs etc, and they allow you to bring your own.



We requested to engage Nick, Dean and Melody and we would highly recommend that you do so too! JOJO Wedding shares their crew info for each photo set on their Facebook so you can see which style you prefer and request accordingly. They can't promise you that they will be the ones assigned but they will try their best to make arrangements. The three of them have worked together before so they have really good chemistry. I recommended them to another bride and she really liked them too!

We sent the team some photo references (cause we wanted a mix of casual and bridal shots from day to night) and they ensured that everything we wanted were taken. Nick and Dean will teach you how to angle your body for a more flattering angle and also direct you where to look. They will also choose suitable props for you and they really use props that are suitable. E.g. We requested for a playful traditional photos only a day before the shoot and they managed to find blue and yellow round shades for us. Initially they asked me to use the yellow one and asked my hubby to use the blue one. After taking a test shot, Nick could see that yellow doesn't suit me (usually cool colors work better for me) and asked us to swap our shades. So they really do check the photos on the spot to ensure that everything is good, even the tiny details! Also, there was a night bridal shot that we didn't manage to take and thought it couldn't be done and wanted to drop it already. But they surprised us by asking us to take it in the studio cause they realised we didn't manage to take it outdoor. Dean is always there to help, pointing to us where to look, adjusting my gowns, helping me to hold my jacket on he huan shan, keeping a look out for us when we are going around, etc.

Melody is the best MUA I've met and I trust her with my makeup and hair after seeing the first look she did for me. I shared the styles I wanted with her and her works really exceeded my expectation! The makeup is a little thick after a few touch ups and my lids are too oily so the double eyelid tape doesn't support as well, but they don't show in photos. I'm not sure how she does my double eyelids, cause it makes my hidden double eyelids look more obvious even after I removed the stickers. She is also always there to help me change my gowns and look, regardless of the condition. The most memorable one is the one at a random 7-11 (cause that was the nearest place we could find a clean toilet). I told my hubby many times that I wish I could fly her to Singapore to be my MUA, she's really that good.



They have quite a selection for gowns and it's really easy to look through as they have photos of all of them. Some of the gowns that we chose were not available as others had rented it but we still managed to choose 5 gowns easily. Their gown assistants were also very fast and professional! They helped me changed really quickly and never complained at all even though I tried 10 over gowns and was still looking at others that were hung in the fitting room lols.

The company which they partnered with for the groom's suits were rather hard sell though, and kept asking us to top up for nicer designs. However, the staff at JOJO pre-empt us about it and told us to only get the classic pieces as JOJO have their own suits with designs (eg. Korean checkered line ones) which they will style for us at no extra costs. The suits from the partner company were a little too loose and JOJO Wedding helped my hubby to taper the pants.



We planned for our album to have photos from 8 different scenes/venues but we ended up having more than that. We took pre-wedding photos at our Taichung Airbnb* which was opposite JOJO Wedding, Alice's Sky*, JOJO Wedding's Studio, He Huan Shan, Zhong She Flower Market*, Cingjing* and Taichung Confucius Temple. Those with asterisk have an extra cost for booking or entrance fees.

Most of our photos were taken at Alice's Sky (爱丽丝的天空) as they have backdrops for many different themes! For those who are keen to go to Old England Manor, they have charges if you want to take photos inside but it's free to take photos outside, do confirm with the bridal studio before going though.



JOJO over-photoshopped our photos a little but everything was good after we told them to reduce the photoshop. Also, they were able to fulfil our very picky demands to have the photo laid out on each page with a fixed border thickness. Even though we could easily select more than 50 photos to edit, we weren't that happy that not all the soft copies were given to us as they filtered them and we only saw 600+ photos. We only realized cause some of hubby's solo shots weren't inside and a photo of the meh meh snatching the limelight wasn't inside too. However, all 600+ photos were really well taken and we had a hard time selecting only 50. It was only easier cause we told ourselves that we could edit them ourselves if we wanted as our package includes all soft copies. Btw, the album is really heavy!

Hope the article helped those who are looking for a good Taiwan (Taichung) Pre-Wedding Photography company or some venues to go to for your pre-wedding or instaworthy photo in Taichung!


  1. Hi may i know how you split you locations over the days?

    1. Hi, this was how I split the venues into slightly less than 3 days.

      Day 1:
      • Taichung Airbnb*
      • Alice's Sky*

      Day 2
      • He Huan Shan
      • Cingjing*

      Day 3
      • JOJO Wedding's Studio
      • Zhong She Flower Market*
      • Taichung Confucius Temple

  2. What items need to bring to there?

  3. Beautiful 🤗❤️. Best Moments Should Always To Capture.