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[Wedding 101] Top 9 Wedding Bands Designs

Monday 29 July 2019

I understand how it can be rather frustrating when you can't seem to find any wedding or even couple bands that both you and your partner likes. My then fiance and I couldn't find any instore designs that we liked hence we decided to customize ours. However, customizing can be quite a headache too when you can't even find a design online that both of you like! Here are some of the trending couple ring designs for you to reference to. And if you don't already know, jewellery shops suchs as eClarity can help you customise and tweak most designs into your perfect wedding bands!

It is very common for couple rings or wedding bands to have the exact design, this has been the case since way back. Some classic yet popular designs include solid plain bands or textured bands. 

#1 Plain Bands

#2 Textured Bands

#3 Weaved Bands

Not all guys want to have diamonds on their rings while diamonds are a girl's best friend. So other classic yet popular style is to have similar looking bands with and without diamonds.

#4 Plain with Eternity

#5 Crisscross with Diamonds

#6 Connected Heart Bands

Who says a couple must have the same taste and that the couple rings or wedding bands have to match fully? They can still match even with their own uniqueness and this can be achieve easily by selecting the same texture or material. That way, they won't look drastically different even with completely different designs.

#7 Unique Bands That Can Be Worn as a Pendant

#8 Unique Bands with Different Gems

#9 Unique Bands with Different Styles
[Images from eClarity]

If you are planning to have diamonds on your wedding bands, do check out the article I wrote about "Tips to Choosing Your Perfect Engagement Ring" too as I shared some diamond insights there! Regardless of what combinations you choose, usually the ladies will have a slimmer ring while the guys have a thicker one as it looks more proportional when worn. That said, it all depends on what you really prefer so it's best to head down to a store to find the exact thickness you like!

Hopefully this article helps you conceptualise your perfect wedding bands. Also, do check out eClarity, as they are having a buy one get one free promotion for couple rings and wedding bands! If you are thinking of getting diamonds on your rings, do check out eClarity's GIA Diamonds and Wedding Bands talks cause I really learnt a lot from Amanda, eClarity's GIA Gemologist! Below are the upcoming dates for the talks and you can sign up for your GIA Gemologist Dialogue tickets here.

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Fret not if you are unable to make it for these sessions! Cause you can also make an appointment at eclarity.com.sg/appointment/ for a consultation on weekdays, 1 to 8pm, and Saturdays, 12 to 3pm!

Congratulations and happy shopping!

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