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Get Everything You Want on SGshop!

Monday 19 August 2019

With SGshop, you have no more excuses to say you can't find something. SGshop, your gateway to international shipping, gives you access to shop in the world's largest online marketplaces and they recently revamped their interface to add extra features to make your shopping experience smoother! P.S I got the above dress on taobao too!

1. Photo Search Function
Not sure what keywords to use to find what you want? Just snap and search away with their new function! There are a lot of chinese terms that I don't know (and even Google doesn't know) so sometimes it can be quite a hassel finding the exact thing I am looking for. This photo search function is actually one of my favourite function on taobao and I'm really happy a taobao agent finally has it too, so it makes shopping easier for everyone!

2. Find Similar Product Function
Not exactly what you are looking for? Just search for other similar products with this new function! You can use this function to find similar products that are cheaper, has better reviews or are of a better quality.

Recently I shopped on SGshop via Buy For Me and the shopping experience was very hassle free. For instance, they checked all the packages to ensure the items shipped to Singapore were correct and I also didn't have to worry about package size restrictions. Incase you didn't know, taobao rejects bulky items for consolidated air shipping. Also, I like how they packed the items in clean transparent poly bags instead of the poly bags from taobao as some can be very dusty. But most importantly, the page is fully in english so you can still shop even if you can't read mandarin! 

Note: Do be detailed in your product descriptions so they can check your package for you thoroughly. My screen protector arrived without UV liquid and UV light cause they weren't inside the descriptions, so the QC team didn't notice they were missing.

Tip: If you item is not fragile (e.g. clothes), request for it to be mailed in a polybag instead of a carton box. That way, you can save on volumetric weight when shipping to Singapore!

Lastly, if you are new to SGshop, you can use promo code "WELCOME50" to enjoy 50% off service fees! Happy shopping!

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