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[Wedding 101] Tips For Bride-To-Be

Thursday 15 September 2022

Your wedding date nearing each day and you still don't know what to do? Don't worry, here are some tips to help you get started with your wedding planning!

1. List Your To-Do
It's good to have a list of what you have to do and list them according to their priorities. That way you won't miss out anything and can easily see which urgent item has to be settled first. For those who need one, here is a wedding preparation list for your reference. None of them are a must, it's your wedding so just plan it the way you and your groom want. Here's a summary of the to-do for your reference!

2. Stay Within Your Budget
This is something I'm guilty of. It all started with a "I just want a simple wedding" but ends up with many different wants (not needs). Plus with the wedding tag, things are often priced higher than if it wasn't wedding related. DIY if you can, but only if you can manage, don't end up stressing yourself over this.

3. Learn To Be Flexible
I think weddings are very stressful cause two families (that might have different characters) are coming together (with different demands). To make things worse, we are quite a perfectionist and see things at the smallest details. It is important to see things in the bigger picture, if some things are out of your budget, don't force it. Don't be in a debt after the wedding and don't expect guests to cover your costs.

4. Buffer Time and Don't Panic
There are mini moments where I might have panicked, especially if things are not going the way I want during the planning stage. But I usually calm down rather quickly. I will always remind myself to do one thing at a time, if something cannot be completed, just try to simplify or do without it. Just remember to buffer enough time for your actual day so you don't need to worry about over-running your schedule.

5. Get Help
To be honest, brides are usually the wedding planner (unless you can afford to engage one). It can be rather taxing on the bride, especially if she needs to juggle work and planning. Even though I have events planning experience, I wouldn't be able to do everything if my hubby didn't help me with it! See if a wedding planner can fit into your budget else try asking your sisters for help. I'm really glad my sisters were always there to check if I needed any help, but I try not to bother them as a few of them were busy planning their own weddings too. Alternatively, you can consider hiring an actual day wedding co-ordinator at a lower cost compared to full-fledge planners!

Hope that helped! Jiayou for your wedding planning and remember to relax and have sufficient rest!

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