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Meaningful Yet Affordable Push Present Gift Ideas

Sunday 8 May 2022

Happy Mother's Day to all the mummies and mummies-to-be! Need some ideas for a push present? A Chanel bag (hint hint hubby) sounds like a good idea but here are some other suggestions for you that can reflect the significance of the child's birth and not break your bank!

"Push present (also known as a push gift); A present a partner or woman’s family gives to the birthing mother to mark the occasion of her giving birth to their child."

Heirloom Jewellery
A heirloom jewellery would make a great gift for a new mummy since she can give it to her child next time. You can either choose a birthstone of the mum or the baby, or simply make a ring with the family's birthstone combined! Remember to choose at least 18k gold if you want the item to last and not fade over time. You can check out Gems by Yours Truly for modern yet timeless pieces or customise one with them.

Breastmilk Keepsakes
A common jewellery to gift is a stackable eternity ring. But to make things a little more special, why not consider DNA jewellery from Keepsake By Ryo instead? They have a wide range of 925 silver, 18k gold and even jade jewellers for you to choose from and you can preserve mummy's breastmilk, baby's umbilical cord or baby's hair in it. To mark my breastfeed journey with Baby K, I got myself a Riana Jade Bangle in Icy Green Jade with 18K Gold accents and a Yara Ring with Cushion Breastmilk Solitaire in Rose Gold. Do check out the full range on Keepsake By Ryo.

Mummies (daddies as well) deserve to be pampered and selfcare is still important after birth! So how about getting skincare that both of you can share? I know daddies and mummies are too busy caring for their newborn and find it hard to do anything else. But sleepless nights can be damaging to the skin so a good hydrating mask and eye cream is very important. I would highly recommend IDS Eye Rescue as it depuffs the eyes (and other parts of the face) very effectively! You can get them at 15% off on JYX with the promo code "katelyn15gs".

Good Portable Pump
If your wife or girlfriend is using or planning to use a pump to express breastmilk but has yet to buy a portable pump, consider getting the Pumpables Milk Genie Advanced for her! This is so portable and yet works as well as a Spectra S1+ which is a hospital grade pump! It gives me the same milk yield for the same pump duration! Here is a review I did and you can use promo code "SHOP10-KATELYNTAN" to enjoy 10% off on Pumpables.

These Silverette silver nursing cups, made from natural 925 Silver cup and hand crafted by licensed silversmiths in Northern Italy since 2002, is another great gift for mummies who are breastfeeding, it's such a life saver! Sores from latching or pumping can be really uncomfortable and makes one dread breastfeeding, especially during the first few months. Studies have also shown that silver has antimicrobial, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. By wearing the Silverette Cups between latching or pumps, it helps to prevent further abrasion and helps to repair and soothe the nipples! It's not only useful for new mummies, it was a lifesaver for me when I had occasional sores even after 9 months of pumping. Find out more on Silverette's Website and Instagram.

Well mummies have lots to adjust to and cope after birth so why no send them a pretty bouquet to cheer them up? Check out Little Flower Hut for a wide range of bouquets and, the best part, free same day flower delivery! It is a 24/7 operational florist, which is even open on public holidays such as Chinese New Year.

Hope you find the perfect push present for the new mummy!

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