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[Review] Aura Portable Blender

Tuesday 3 October 2023

The little one has been asking for fruit juice these days, but we are really lazy to take out our huge blender cause there's so much to wash! Thankfully Aura Portable Blender came to the rescue - it's super portable, easy to wash, and powerful!  

It's labelled as "Singapore's Most Powerful Portable Blender" and I have to agree with it. I was a little skeptical about it at first, cause the mini blenders I used in the past were horrible. But this sleek blender here is even more powerful than the huge table top blender I own!

You can really blend anytime, anywhere with the Aura Portable Blender. It's a good travel size and sleek bottle. We brought it to the park with the Aura Insulated Sleeve so we could have a nice ice blended drink there. The insulation helped keep the fruits fresh, but SG is just too hot and the ice melted a little. Nonetheless, it was still a nice cooling drink to have on the go in just seconds thanks to the AuraVortex™ blend tech that pulverizes ingredients at 417 times per second (25,000RPM)! In case you are wondering, it crushes ice under 10s, and there are no lumps in the smoothie at all.  Note: Just don't pack too much inside or pack it to the brim. We tried and the blender couldn't start. 

I also really like that the jar is made of borosilicate glass and not plastic. So it's suitable for warm or cold blends and it's safer for kids too! The blades are also said to extract and retain up to 99% of important vitamins and minerals in the blends! The best part, it's on sale now at only $67.90 on aurablender.com.sg!

Here are some quick fruit juice combo you can blend for yourself or your little ones!
  • Vitamin C and Fibre Booster: Carrot + Orange
  • Antioxidant and Iron Booster: Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry and Watermelon
  • ABC Juice (Vitamin Powerhouse): Apple + Beetroot + Carrot 

Have fun creating juices! P.S. You could also use the juice to make your own popsicle and gummies!

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