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Birthday Celebration with Hall Friends! :)

Wednesday 1 June 2011

Had an early birthday celebration with my hall friends on 30may! :)
We went to Oriole Cafe and Bar @ Somerset 313 and they bought my birthday day cake from Cold Stone Creamery! It's a ice cream cake!! :)

Here are some photos I took there! :)
I ordered fish and chip there! It's almost $19 inclusive of GST! The potato wedges are nice but the fish wasn't that great. Maybe due to the oil they used? Cause after eating two pieces of it, I got tired of it. I didn't finish my meal in the end. My friends helped me finish the potato wedges and one piece of fish was wasted :(

Here is a photo of my birthday cake!
It's from Cold Stone Creamery!!

Here is the photo which I took from Cold Stone Creamery's website :)
The cake is really nice! Super yummy! :)
It's an ice cream cake. But the ice cream is super good quality type!
Not the type which will melt very quickly.
So we all took our own sweet time to slowly eat this super nice ice cream cake!

After dinner, we went for Kbox at SCAPE! First time there and their rooms are really nice! The sofas are long sofa (just like a sofa bed).
Had a comfy Kbox session there! :) Will definitely want to go there again!


Slimming Day 13
brunch: 2 sweet potatoes
dinner: a few spoons of rice + vege + meat + fish

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