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Home-made Dumplings!

Monday 6 June 2011

We made dumplings on saturday! :)

Here are the ingredients grandma cooked!
rice, chestnuts, mushrooms, shrimps, meat, eggs!

the final product! not cooked yet! 
this was only two out of the many bunch of dumplings grandma made!

YAY! It's cooked! These are photos of the one I wrapped! :)
I only wrapped two that day. lols.
Are you wondering why the rice is white and not dark coloured like those sold outside? Cause I don't really like dark soya sauce. Probably because I'm used to food which are more bland since I was young. So grandma did not add dark soya sauce to our dumplings!
These dumplings shall be my breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next few days :)


Slimming Day 17 and 18
breakfast: dumpling
lunch: dumpling
dinner: dumpling! lols!

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