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A Busy Busy Week! :(

Saturday 30 July 2011

AHHH! Haven't been blogging for a few days :( 
Even the past few blogs were pre-done and scheduled posts :( 

Here's a super long post for you all! :)
Also, there will be a simple nail tutorial below! So keep reading! ;)

Been really busy these few days. As camp is next week, there is alot that we need to settle this week. And some people are just not helping and instead is making things worst for me :( I think I'm gonna go crazy soon! arghh!

Went shopping for stuffs for the camp at Mustafa on wednesday, 27july.
That place is super messy! Very hard to find things there. But they've got a wide variety.

We actually used two trolleys!! And none of it was my stuff!
My events don't need all these. Hehex.

See! All sorts of stuffs there!

After shopping was dinner + meeting time!

We met up with another OMC (Orientation Main Comm) car! hehex! 
Waiting for the 6pm Plaza Sing per entry for car park! lols!
Then we went to have dinner in Plaza Sing :)
And after that walked to SMU for OMC meeting!
Reached home past midnight that day! :(

Then on thursday was chief programmers prep for camp and mass meeting for programmers!
In the morning when we reached there, we were decorating the prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd OG!
Then I had duty for hall welcome during noon. And I was running two places :(
Had to guide freshies to their rooms, teach them how to open the door, switch on the light, air con, top up air con card, etc. So unfair! Last time when I moved in there wasn't such things! Most of us stood at the door for quite awhile to figure out how to open our doors! =X

Then yesterday went for hair extension with my friends! :) 
We are from K Clan which is green in colour so we had green extension! 
Green Green Green!
My fav colours are still pink and blue though. But I'm green too! :)

Today we had a photoshoot for the camp! :) Main Comm and Clan Photoshoot! :)
Then ah ma and daddy were cleaning up my room for me as I moved in today! =X
And I forgot to validate the card for daddy! So he tried a few times and couldn't unlock the door!
Luckily he remembered that I used to validate the card key at the TV lounge.
And also, luckily the TV lounge door was open! phew!
So he didn't have to climb down and up to get to the validate card reader!

Here is a simple nail tutorial for you all! :)
It a full green with white polka dot nail tutorial! :)

Items used:
Actually most of the stuffs where what I used in my previous nail tutorial :)
With an exception of the green nail polish! :)
Just bought it from Holika Holika yesterday.
Got attracted into the shop because of the songs they were playing! lols!
They were playing the korean drama You're Beautiful soundtrack!!
After using this nail polish, I prefer O.P.I :(
Cause O.P.I seems easier to apply, a little smoother.

1. As usual, it's the base coat first! :) So it will even the nail out and make it easier to apply the other nail polishes :)

2. Apply the green colour as the main colour for the nails! :) 
Had to apply 2 or 3 coats to get the colour even :( 
Actually you can use any colour if you want :) 
This time I used green because of the camp! hehex.

3. Nail dotting time! I usually take longer to dot my right hand cause I'm a right hander and super bad in using my left hand :( Same as what I did before, put some white nail polish on any paper then dap the nail dotter on it and dap it on your nails. :)

4. Pour some nail polish remover on a cotton bud and use it to clean up the sides of your nails :)

5. Finally the last step is to apply the top coat so it can last longer! :)

This nail tutorial has a lot lesser steps compared to my previous nail tutorial as this has all standard designs while the other had 2 designs mixed around :) Hope you all like this tutorial! :)

 And now I'm all ready to join K Clan! :)
Green extension + Green nails! :)

As for what I did during the rest of my "free" time on the past few days, they were spent planning for the camp :( Till now I still can't get the fixed number for my event!! arghh!! Gonna go continue settle my stuff for now. Will try to blog during my camps. I'm sorry if I can't as I will be quite busy then.

Pre-camp starts tomorrow!!
So every please take note!
From 31July to 6Aug I will be in camp!
And I might take a little longer to reply emails.
Hope you all can understand.
But do keep your orders coming in! :)
You can view the pre-orders here!
I will reply whenever I have free time! :)

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