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PO's First Outing! :)

Wednesday 27 July 2011

PO's First Outing!

Guess where it was??


Hahas. This batch of freshie is quite different from us. For my OG - KEN, we were more of the singing type hahas. And KEN's first outing was at Kbox! Booked a room for 20+ people! Plus our other outings were usually at Kbox or Party World! lols. For this batch of freshie, they were more of the sporty and out-going type! And yupps can tell from the outing they arrange right? :)

Most of the seniors didn't go there early as we had stuff on in the morning. 
And I got a lift from derrick! hehex. hate taking trains =X
What they told us was that they were near the swan lake, under a tree!
So we walked around swan lake wondering where they were and finally found them!!

So the main purpose of the event was kite flying and mini picnic! :)

Here is the kite! A cute penguin! They managed to fly it for a short while hahas.

Hmm.. If I'm not wrong this is quite a popular tree right? Not sure of what it is called though.

So the girls where sitting down taking photos! hahas.
And the guys? They were playing tarzan! lols.

See what one of our freshies, yu ying, made for us!
Handmade one! So sweet right? :)

After that they went for steamboat but I couldn't go :( Cause I got another appointment. Derrick couldn't go too. So I had a lift home from him! hehex.

I doubt I can go for their next few outings as well :( This week is gonna be a busy week for me.
Need to do alot of prep for hall camp! :(


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Now I'm off for my foc shopping! :) and last foc meeting later!
Oh wells camp coming soon! So must work harder and finalise everything! :)

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