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Insinyur Day 5 :)

Friday 22 July 2011


I overslept that day :( So I thought I wouldn't be able to meet them and was on my way to the interchange and about to take a train to lavender. Cause I got two friends who are programmers so I thought it would be easier if I wait for them to reach that stop rather than I try to find them when they are running around.


In the end I met them at Pasir Ris MRT Station! They were all standing there! lols!

Taking the train to our first stop :) Vivo City!

At the first station, the guy had to piggyback the girl and the girl had to drink an amount of water using a  long straw that is connected using normal straws.

Then it was lunch time @ Harbourfront Hawker Centre!

Almost all the girls ended up buying ban mian! lols! see this is a super big bowl of noodles right? Joy and I bought the $3 one to share. But it seems like no matter how much we eat, it won't finish de! lols!

We decided to share noodles cause we wanted to share dessert later and this was what Joy bought. Chocolate flavor ice kachang with more milk! Ewww. I thought the chocolate was ok. But the more milk makes it not nice :( I don't like normal milk one. So it tasted too milky and I didn't like it. But Joy love it. 

Next Station was at Ngee Ann City. We had to take photos with a Lamborghini, Mercedes D Class, ice cream stand, kids in uniform, etc! This was the only station we ran! Cause will deduct points if we come back with the photos late :(

3rd Station, Bishan Park. I didn't follow them here though. I reached later cause we were waiting for Eugene to come. When we reached, they were done with that station already. So we just chilled at the Mcdonalds there :)

They didn't have time to do the 4th and the 5th station though. So we went for dinner straight! :) There will be bonus points if go back early. But we choose to take our own sweet time and have a nice dinner together! :) See our bloodline is always like this one :) We passed it down to them hahahas!

While they were having dinner, Joy and I were really full so we took orders from Koi and Gong Cha from them and went to buy for them! :)

When we reached the night cycling gather point at ECP, we played the coin game! 
"Ai ya bu de liao, zhen de hen zhao gao, wo de liang mao qian, zhe me bu jian liao, zhe li zhao yi zhao, na li zhao yi zhao, wo de liang mao qian pao dao na li liao?"
Oh no, this is terrible, my 20cents is missing, find here, find there, where has my 20cents gone to?] 

So when "singing" this, we will pass the coin secretly. But everyone will be doing the passing action. Then the two in the middle have to guess the coin is in whose hand! :)

Then it was night cycling! See the last photo, they all KO while waiting for the bus to come! What I heard from them was that they ended at 4+am but the bus only came at 6+am! They cycled from ECP to MBS area and in between they had station games. I didn't go with them cause I'm a weak cyclist :( Derrick offered to cycle double bike me. But luckily didn't! Cause he end up one of the guy for the double bike didn't want to cycle double already and he could take over that position! So while they were night cycling, I was sleeping at home :)


Reminder for mass meetup!
All buyers please reply my email to state your attendance!

5pm at Pasir Ris White Sands Shopping Centre Mcdonalds
6pm at Raffles City Shopping Centre Starbucks (the one right infront of the escalator)

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